Charm of Barcelona: Famous Accessories Brands to Know

  • Publication date: 04/23/2024
  • Updated: 04/23/2024


One of the best fashion accessory stores in Barcelona, their unique and creative designs captivate everyone.

Their accessories are a must-have for fashion enthusiasts looking for something unique and stylish. With a wide selection of products including statement jewelry, bags and accessories, Unode50 is the perfect place for those looking to add a touch of Barcelona charm to their wardrobe.

Visit their store in Barcelona and see why Unode50 is one of the best fashion accessory stores in Barcelona. We recommend paying special attention to their bold metal jewelry.

Photo @unode50
Photo @unode50
Photo @unode50
Photo @unode50

Tous Jewelry

Specializes in creating stylish and elegant jewelry. Each product from Tous impresses with its originality and unique design. Ukrainians can also enjoy these wonderful products that will emphasize their beauty and style.

These jewelry are ideal for any occasion - be it a formal event or everyday life. With Tous Jewelry you will always look elegant and stylish because they are famous accessory brands in Barcelona.

With Tous Jewelry, you can always find the perfect accessory for yourself or as a gift, highlighting your individuality and style.

Photo @tousjewerly
Photo @tousjewerly
Photo @tousjewerly
Photo @tousjewerly


The main elements of MALABABA design are handwork, use of natural materials, quality and attention to detail. Here you can find the best accessories in Barcelona, Spain. In its products, the brand uses viscose, protection, beach palms and other natural materials, which makes MALABABA accessories environmentally friendly and stylish. Every accessory from MALABABA is a true art, such as traditional craft techniques with modern fashion trends.

The MALABABA brand is widely known both in Spain and beyond. Its products are sold in various countries around the world through online stores and boutiques. MALABABA accessories are suitable for any occasion in life - from everyday use to a festive evening. They add elegance, femininity, and individuality to the outfit.

In the world of fashion, the MALABABA brand is recognized as one of the best accessories in Barcelona, combining traditional craft techniques with an innovative approach to design. If you are looking for a stylish and refined accessory, then products from MALABABA are definitely for you.

Photo @malababa
Photo @malababa
Photo @malababa
Photo @malababa


BIMBA LOLA is an accessories brand named after the pseudonyms they used to work together in global design. Recognized as one of the best accessory brands in Spain.

Known for its bold, colorful, and stylish products, which include handbags, hats, scarves, gloves, and other accessories. The brand's designs are often noted for their sophistication and originality, as well as the high quality of materials and craftsmanship.

They have a network of stores in various corners of the world and are popular among fashionistas who appreciate the unique design and quality of the brand's products.

Photo @bimbaylola
Photo @bimbaylola
Photo @bimbaylola
Photo @bimbaylola


The brand offers a wide selection of fashion jewelry, including earrings, bracelets, necklaces, hair hoops and other accessories. Aristocrazy uses various materials such as precious metals, stones, leather and others to create elegant and stylish products. These are well-known Barcelona accessory brands.

A unique feature of the brand is that it combines classic style with modern trends, creating unique and impressive accessories for modern women. Each piece from Aristocrazy is an expression of individuality and style of its owner.

Any accessory from Aristocrazy can be a great addition to any look, adding charm and elegance. Here you can buy original accessories in Barcelona. The brand always follows the latest fashion trends, but retains its uniqueness and individuality.

Overall, the impression of Aristocrazy is exclusive accessories that highlight the femininity and style of their owners, adding confidence and beauty to them.

Photo @aristocrazy
Photo @aristocrazy
Photo @aristocrazy
Photo @aristocrazy

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