Capturing Timeless Stories: The Artistic Journey of David Abel, Master Wedding Photographer

  • Publication date: 01/10/2024
  • Updated: 01/10/2024

Have you ever met a photographer who doesn't just capture moments but paints with his lens? That's David Abel for you! Dive in as we delve deep into the world of one of the most famous wedding photographers in Washington DC.

Drawing Inspiration from the Masters

Photo by David Abel
Photo by David Abel

David's roots in fine arts aren't just a part of his bio, they're etched in every click of his camera. "With a rich background in fine arts," he reveals, "I draw inspiration from master painters, sculptors, and designers." For over 17 illustrious years, David, along with his partner in both life and work, has been turning ordinary into extraordinary, embedding themselves into events and stories of couples.

Capturing the Essence: David's Unique Style

Photo by David Abel
Photo by David Abel

When asked about his style, David's passion shines through. "My style," he says, "is rooted in the timeless qualities of film." It's not about mere snapshots for him. He strives for the moments in between - the whispered conversations, the muted laughter. He’s on a mission to "capture the effortless imagery, not just the major moments." While medium format film holds a special place in his heart, David doesn't shy away from the modern touch of digital. 

Keeping It Real: Post-Processing the David Way

Photo by David Abel
Photo by David Abel

In an era of filters and heavy edits, David stands apart. His approach is all about authenticity. "We prefer a minimal approach to editing, favoring getting it right in camera," he states, "and then matching any digital work to the look of our film images." It's this commitment to genuineness that makes his work both unique and heartwarming.

A Global Canvas: David's Love for Destination Weddings

Photo by David Abel
Photo by David Abel

The world is but a canvas for David. When asked if he covers destination weddings, his eyes light up. "Yes!" he exclaims. "Destination work makes up about 25-40% of our business and we travel all over the world." And when it comes to favorites, Italy takes the cake. 

As we wrapped up our chat, David had one piece of golden advice for couples out there: "Hire the best team available and put your trust in them completely." And with that, dear readers, remember, if you're seeking passion, expertise, and a deeply personal touch, David's world awaits you.

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