Capturing Real Emotions: The Artistry of Kristin La Voie Photography

  • Publication date: 03/22/2024
  • Updated: 03/22/2024

When it comes to experience, Kristin La Voie Photography stands out in the crowd of Chicago-based photographers. She's not a mere rookie playing around with a camera; Kristin has gracefully mastered the art of photography for over 15 spectacular years. A decade and a half dedicated to capturing authentic souls, narrating stories, and seizing spontaneous, fleeting moments. 

Beyond The 'Say Cheese' Norm

Photo by Kristin La Voie
Photo by Kristin La Voie

We've all had that uncomfortable moment during photo sessions. The photographer says, "Ok, laugh now," but Kristin? Oh no, she's different. "You will NEVER hear me say 'ok laugh now!' There is absolutely nothing real or genuine about that!" she firmly declares. With her behind the lens, it's all about capturing genuine reactions and diving deep into the heart of the moment. That's what sets her apart in this vast sea of photographers.

A Blend of Technology and Artistry

Photo by Kristin La Voie
Photo by Kristin La Voie

If you're a tech enthusiast or just curious about the gear that brings her masterpieces to life, Kristin has got you covered. From film medium format Contax 645s and 35mms Canon 1vs to the latest digital Canon r6s, she’s got a palette fit for every scenario. "I have a wide variety of equipment," she admits, "Since I shoot in a hybrid approach, I also use digital Canon r6s with a range of interchangeable Canon lenses that can be used on either the digital or film cameras."

Wedding Bells and Dreamy Destinations

Photo by Kristin La Voie
Photo by Kristin La Voie

Now, let’s steer towards the love-filled world of weddings. Kristin is no stranger to capturing nuptials. She's ideally suited for 8-12 hour coverage, ensuring not a single moment goes uncaptured. But there’s an exotic twist! Dreaming of a destination wedding? She's game! "Absolutely! I love photographing everywhere," Kristin shares with a glint in her eye. And her favorite spots? "Paris or London," she says with a chuckle, "as cliché as that is."

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