Capturing the Love and Emotion: In Conversation with Erin Neale, Top Photographer in Melbourne

  • Publication date: 04/09/2024
  • Updated: 04/11/2024

We've come to know Erin Neale as a photographer whose reputation precedes her, particularly in the realm of emotive and potent photography. The founder of one of Australia’s leading wedding studios - Erin & Tara - in 2012, her work quickly became highly sought after and instantly recognizable, the emotional resonance of her images is now iconic; the influence of her work, is seen globally. With more than a decade of experience and having been behind the lens of some of the most stylish and soulful weddings, Erin continues to set an industry standard.

Soulfully weaving together narrative and detail, her work blends an almost documentary-style candour with the elegance and sophistication of high-end editorial. The ethereal light-filled images of a bride stepping into her gown, the poetic movement of veil and dress, a secretly shed tear from the groom…those fleeting seconds of pure romance between a couple - all inimitably transcribed into a modern heirloom of deeply transportive still frames, allowing the timelessness of a couple’s forever love to be relived again, in days, years and decades to come.

Artistic Approach and Equipment

Photo by Erin Neale
Photo by Erin Neale

Erin's artistic approach blends documentary-style realism with the elegance of high-end editorial work. "I adore capturing the love and emotion that is so raw and natural between two people on a wedding day," she says.

Her choice of equipment, the Canon Mark IV, reflects her commitment to quality and precision. Her post-processing technique is just as thoughtful. "I edit every image in my studio with my classic edit. I love classic black and white images," she explains. Erin's love for black-and-white imagery plays a significant role in her editing style.

Harmonizing with Clients

Photo by Erin Neale
Photo by Erin Neale

Erin's methodology in working with clients is grounded in calmness and naturalness. "I have a very calm and natural approach, I love to bring out the essence of love that is naturally present on the day," she says. This approach helps her capture the essence of love and intimacy present on a wedding day. "I forge a trust and intimacy from which the unguarded may unfold and the beauty of detail may be taken in," Erin elaborates.

For those planning a wedding photoshoot, Erin shares her wisdom, “Pre - Wedding photoshoots are an amazing way to prepare for a wedding day. It is also very important to work with your photographer to set up the day so that everything runs smoothly and there is enough time to capture the images you desire.”

For wedding coverage, Erin provides a comprehensive 10-hour service. She’s always open to creating custom packages that align with her clients' specific needs.

Beyond Borders

Photo by Erin Neale
Photo by Erin Neale

Erin's passion extends beyond local weddings. "Yes," she confirms when asked about destination weddings, with a particular fondness for Italy. There's something magical about Italian landscapes that enhances the romanticism of a wedding, don’t you think? This preference underscores her adaptability and eagerness to capture beauty in diverse settings.

In summary, Erin Neale's journey in photography is a blend of artistic vision, technical skill, and emotional depth. From the founding of Erin & Tara to becoming a famous Melbourne photographer, her journey is a testament to the power of storytelling through the lens. Her approach to client interaction, her meticulousness in capturing the essence of love and commitment, and her willingness to traverse borders for the perfect shot, all contribute to her standing as not just a photographer, but an artist of life's most precious moments.

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