Capturing Life’s Magic Through the Lens: The Story of Kat Gillespie

  • Publication date: 11/18/2023
  • Updated: 11/18/2023

Ladies and gentlemen meet one of the finest London photographers - Kat Gillespie, an artist whose story is as vivid as her photographs.

The Dawn of Passion

Photo by Kat Gillespie
Photo by Kat Gillespie

"I found photography in my early 20’s," shares Kat. For many, the roaring twenties are a time of exploration, and for Kat, this was the period she stumbled upon her undying love for photography. But let's clarify something - this isn't merely a hobby she picked up. It’s already been a whirlwind romance of 7 years, with her camera becoming the most loyal of companions. "Photography has allowed me to communicate my vision, to travel, and to celebrate life, light, and beauty," she tells us.

A Unique Photographic Style

Photo by Kat Gillespie
Photo by Kat Gillespie

If there's a cocktail for photographic styles, Kat’s would be a harmonious blend of nostalgia and editorial chic. Delving into her toolkit, she reveals her secret weapons: "I usually have 2 digital bodies and 2-4 film cameras on me on a wedding day." This lady is not only passionate but also prepared!

The Magic Behind Post-Processing

Photo by Kat Gillespie
Photo by Kat Gillespie

In the digital age, post-processing becomes the touch of finesse on any photograph. Kat, in her characteristic flair, divulges, "I aim for creative yet natural. I seek to emulate film’s colors and always hope to achieve something that is timeless and natural but with a little bit of magic." Oh, the sparkle of magic – who doesn’t wish for that in their memories?

Venturing into Destination Weddings

Photo by Kat Gillespie
Photo by Kat Gillespie

Let's globe-trot with Kat for a moment. Though London holds a special place in her heart, her feet itch to travel. "NYC is one of my favorite places to work, as well as Europe generally. I’m from the US so there are still a lot of beautiful countries in Europe that I’ve not visited yet. I’ve photographed couples in Italy and France and would love a Lisbon or Florence wedding."

Lastly, Kat shares a golden nugget of advice for all the couples out there. "Figure out what is most important to you and feels right for you, and do that," she emphasizes, adding, "Also, get a good planner or day of coordinator so you can enjoy your day and not be bombarded with thousands of logistical questions!"

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