Capturing Everlasting Love: Unveiling the Journey of Volodymyr Ivash, a Top Wedding Photographer in NYC

  • Publication date: 08/17/2023

Greetings! Sit back, relax, and allow us to unveil the mystique of an individual whose life has been spent behind the lens, capturing moments of love, joy, and celebration. An expert in his craft, an awarded professional, and above all, a passionate artist.

He's none other than Volodymyr Ivash, an award-winning wedding photographer in New York. A name that's been creating ripples in the world of wedding photography for over a decade. But don't just take our word for it, hear it from the man himself, "I am passionate about my work and eager to see all our clients pleased with the result of our efforts, and the process itself to be easy and comfortable. "

The Style and Gear of the Maestro

Photo by Volodymyr Ivash
Photo by Volodymyr Ivash

Fourteen years of experience has not only seasoned Volodymyr's skills but also given birth to a unique style. He describes his photography as a "classic editorial with a little bit of art." It's a delectable fusion, isn't it? Just like adding a pinch of your favorite spice to a classic dish to make it all the more tantalizing!

Now, let's talk about equipment. Every great artist has their preferred tools, and for Volodymyr, it's the Canon r5, Fuji gfx100s, and Contax film. Regarding his post-capture process, the man chuckles, keeping the mystery alive for all of us curious cats!

A Photographer’s Joy and Approach to Clients

Photo by Volodymyr Ivash
Photo by Volodymyr Ivash

Digging deeper into what makes Volodymyr's heart tick, he says, "I enjoy the happiest day in the life of my clients and create beautiful aesthetic pictures." It's not just about clicking photos for him; it's about being a part of the most joyous moments of people's lives and preserving them in the form of art.

Working with Volodymyr feels like two friends coming together for a project. He doesn't merely work for the client, he works with them. And how does he achieve this? "You need to hear your client, ask them questions - and then you can be on 1 page with them," he shares.

The Man Behind the Destination Weddings

Photo by Volodymyr Ivash
Photo by Volodymyr Ivash

Handling up to 50 weddings a year, Volodymyr is no stranger to long, intense sessions. He provides extensive 9-hour coverage for each event and is flexible enough to tailor a custom package to suit specific client needs. His price? A cool 10k for minimum 10-hour coverage.

As if that weren't impressive enough, he’s also a pro at destination weddings. He's traveled far and wide, capturing love against different backdrops. But ask him about his favorite destination, and he'd answer without hesitation - "Cuba is my favorite destination place."

So, here's Volodymyr Ivash for you - a seasoned photographer with an unmatched passion for his craft. An artist who doesn't just capture moments, but experiences. He doesn't just tell stories, he makes them unforgettable. His own words best describe his drive, "Moments of inspiration, a chance to feel emotions of newlyweds, to capture priceless moments with their parents and friends, as well as directing interesting shots — all this fills me with creativity and gets a thrill out of my work.” What else could you ask for in a wedding photographer?

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