Capturing Elegance and Emotion: The Journey of Costola Photography

  • Publication date: 01/06/2024
  • Updated: 01/08/2024

Dear readers, it's time we dive into the captivating world of the illustrious Andie Ingagliato, the founder of Costola Photography, the best wedding photographer in Washington DC! This isn't just another photographer's tale – it's an odyssey of passion, art, and classic romance.

From Melodies to Memories: Andie's Early Days

Andie once reflected on her beginnings, saying, "My passion for gorgeous imagery started with studies in classical music and theater." It's this passion that led her down the majestic avenues of Virginia Commonwealth University where she acquired her BFA in photography and film. Along her journey, her works not only graced but illuminated the pages of renowned platforms. Taking pride in her accomplishments, she mentioned, "My work has even been acknowledged by fashion designers, including Draper James."

Tools of the Trade: A Peek Behind the Lens

With 15 remarkable years under her belt, Andie has finely honed her style. Describing it herself, she said it’s all about "classic romance." Her choice of tools? The trusty Canon for digital captures and the dynamic duo of Contax/Fujifilm for film work. But what truly sets her apart is her post-processing approach. "Very little," she states. "I just match my digitals to my film scans." Pure, authentic, and unadulterated – that’s Andie's signature.

More Than Just a Picture: The Essence of Photography

For Andie, photography is not merely about taking pictures. It's a doorway to the heart and soul of moments. "Photography has given me the opportunity to personally know and create relationships with my clients," she expressed. It's about recognizing the subtle sighs, the soft whispers, and understanding "how unique each person truly is." When it comes to the wedding day, she's witnessed many of her clients wanting to simply "live" the experience. "They prefer to be in the moment," she says. "I am there to do the preserving, from the day we meet, to their album delivery day."

Tips, Tricks, and Destinations: Making Magic with Andie

If there's a dreamy European wedding in your thoughts, Andie is already halfway there with her camera! "Yes! Anywhere in Europe," she exclaimed with an undeniable passion. But before you get to that, she has some pearls of wisdom for those preparing for a shoot or event. "Talk with your vendor team and couple," she advises. "Ask a million questions, bring more than you think you need. It’s always better to over prepare."

So, dear reader, if you desire your moments to be captured with authenticity and heart, Andie Ingagliato should be at the top of your list. Dive into her portfolio and let her work whisper tales of magic and memories.

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