Capturing Authentic Love Stories: The Artistic Journey of Sophie Asselin, a Top Wedding Photographer in Montreal

  • Publication date: 07/23/2023
  • Updated: 07/24/2023

In the world of wedding photography, Sophie Asselin emerges as an artist passionate about capturing love in its most beautiful and authentic form. Self-taught and committed, Sophie has been expertly documenting love stories through her lens for nearly 14 years. 

She's a firm believer in finding beauty in simplicity, mirroring her love for life's serene moments in her work. From sunsets over wheat fields to the scent of fresh flowers, Sophie's appreciation for these subtle joys has been captured in the photos of over 300 couples since 2010.

Photo by Sophie Asselin
Photo by Sophie Asselin

Sophie's creative spirit extends beyond photography. In her spare time, she paints abstract art - vibrant, cheerful, and similar in spirit to her wedding photographs. This shift from the meticulous organization of her photography work to the free-flowing expression of her painting provides a refreshing balance to her artistic journey.

The Craft and Vision of Sophie Asselin

Photo by Sophie Asselin
Photo by Sophie Asselin

"I work in a documentary style with a small editorial touch," Sophie describes her style, focusing on aesthetically capturing all the unposed emotions and 'in-between' moments. With her favorite Canon RF 50mm f/1.2 lens and Canon R6 mirrorless cameras, she seeks authenticity through her fine art approach, translating real moments into enduring pieces of art.

Post-processing is another creative playground for Sophie. She gives her images a 'light & airy' treatment, making them bright, low contrast, and grainy for a nostalgic touch. These images, reminiscent of Fuji 400H films, carry the signature 'Sophie Asselin' look.

The essence of her work lies in storytelling, making each photograph a unique work of art. "The simple act of immortalizing a specific moment in time gives me a sense of special power... my image will be unique, like a work of art," Sophie explains.

Working with Sophie Asselin: An Unforgettable Experience

Photo by Sophie Asselin
Photo by Sophie Asselin

With an empathetic and receptive approach, Sophie strives to exceed her clients' expectations, creating unforgettable photography experiences. Whether it's a 10-hour coverage or a custom package, her mission remains the same - to contribute positively to their special day and deliver images that tell a complete love story. "My goal is to be part of the success of their special day," Sophie states.

She encourages couples to be present and enjoy the moment, advising that the most emotional images are captured when they are unaware and immersed in their joy.

Although Sophie doesn't usually do destination weddings, she expressed a keen interest in capturing a luxury wedding in a French chateau in Europe - an opportunity that would surely let her creative spirit shine even brighter.

A conversation with Sophie Asselin reveals not just a dedicated wedding photographer but an artist who truly delights in her craft. Her passion, skill, and dedication make her one of Montreal's most sought-after wedding photographers.

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