Butterfly Floral & Event Design: Bringing Dreams to Life with Floral Art

  • Publication date: 10/01/2023
  • Updated: 10/02/2023

Dear reader, today we are set to embark on an enchanting journey, one that is filled with petals, passion, and an extraordinary woman whose life story is as vibrant as the flowers she arranges. The woman in question is none other than Inna Savluk. Prepare to delve into a world where flowers are not merely decorations but the living, breathing symbols of love and celebration.

A Blooming Love Story Begins in Ukraine

Inna's fascinating journey to becoming a top 10 best wedding florist in Los Angeles started during her teen years in the picturesque landscapes of Ukraine. The first chapter of her story was written in a local floral workshop. This place, brimming with life and color, was where she discovered a passion that not only bloomed but also became the compass guiding the course of her life.

Inna Savluk is not just a florist, friends. She is a creator of dreams. In 2007, her love for flowers took the tangible form of a business venture, she says, "When I relocated to Los Angeles as a young adult, I wanted to grow and share my love of floral design, and with much hard work, Butterfly Floral & Event Design was officially created in 2007."

For Inna, the rewards of her profession are not rooted in monetary gains. Instead, the joy she brings to others is what fuels her passion. "Being able to bring clients’ dreams to fruition. Seeing the look on their faces when they step into the space that we had a part in creating is the most rewarding feeling!" Inna reveals. Every event she breathes life into, she treasures, molding each and every moment into an unforgettable memory.

Crafting Unique Experiences: The Art of Personalized Design

Working with a minimum budget starting at $20,000, it's clear that Inna's craft extends beyond a typical business. It's a high-quality, personalized experience that she offers. Inna takes immense pleasure in utilizing non-traditional elements in her work, reflecting her belief in celebrating uniqueness. "Just as we are all unique, the visions for each event vary with each client. This feeds the design process by encouraging original designs and innovative concepts," she explains.

For those intrigued by the floral trends of 2023, Inna, with her discerning eye, notes a surge in vibrant color palettes. "I’m also seeing more color being used. A lot more clients are choosing colorful and playful palettes rather than traditional greens and whites," she observes, indicating a shift in clients' desire for originality in design.

Seeking Inspiration and Trusting the Process

If you're feeling lost amid countless styles, Inna has some advice. “Spend some time searching social media platforms [Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok, etc.] for inspiration to find what catches your eye and resonates with your personal style, and share this with your designer. The rest of the process is really about trusting the process and working with your designer as they create the floral designs that coincide with all of the important details".

As our tale draws to an end, it feels as though we've been having a heartwarming chat with Inna Savluk, a beacon of passion and creativity. A woman who transforms dreams into reality one petal at a time.

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