Bring the Hues of Autumn Into Your Wedding: Top Fall Wedding Colors

  • Publication date: 03/23/2024
  • Updated: 03/23/2024

We know that choosing the right color palette is one of the most important decisions for creating a cohesive and stunning fall wedding. The colors you choose set the entire tone and style for your special day. With so many beautiful options for rich, warm hues that reflect the autumn season, it can be challenging to select a color scheme that complements your venue, flowers, and overall vision. But have no fear - we've got you covered with plenty of tips and ideas for choosing the best fall wedding colors to make your ceremony and reception truly spectacular. Keep reading!

How to Choose Your Fall Wedding Color Palette

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With so many beautiful autumnal hues to choose from, how do you narrow it down to a cohesive color scheme? The palette you curate will set the entire visual tone for your fall wedding, bringing all the elements of your special day together. When designing your own fall wedding palettes, keep in mind both the overall vision you have for your celebration as well as the symbolic meanings behind some of the most popular fall colors for a wedding.

Look to Nature for Inspiration

Nature provides endless inspiration. Look at the changing leaves, seasonal flowers, and natural landscapes around you. Rich hues like chestnut, plum, olive green, and burnt orange resemble foliage, earth, and sunset skies. Creating a color scheme inspired by the natural beauty of autumn will result in a cohesive, organic look. Spend time noticing the colors of the season where your wedding will take place. Stroll through the woods, farmer's markets, and botanical gardens. You'll likely find gorgeous color combinations for your wedding just by observing the natural environment.

Consider the Venue and Time of Day

Think about the location and lighting when selecting your wedding colors. A daytime vineyard wedding could incorporate lighter peach, sage green, and champagne tones that complement the sunny surroundings and don't compete with the natural environment. Meanwhile, an evening barn reception may call for dramatic deep reds and purples that feel lush and romantic by candlelight. The colors you choose should work cohesively with your venue and ceremony time. Visit your location at different times of day to get a feel for how lighting shifts. This will help you visualize how your palette will look.

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Choose Colors that Fit Your Theme

Your wedding palette should align with your overall theme and style. For a rustic chic wedding, incorporate natural elements like wood, burlap, and foliage colors. Earthy reds, greens, and neutrals will harmonize beautifully. A romantic affair could feature soft roses, blushes, and champagne that give off an intimate, feminine vibe. A modern hotel wedding may call for sleek grays, silver, and jewel-toned punches of color. Let your theme guide the mood you want to create, and choose colors that will bring that to life. Make sure your palette complements all the details you have planned, from flowers to invites to attire.

Mix Textures and Layers

Add depth to your palette by mixing glossy and matte tones, metallic sheens, neutrals with bold hues, and multiple shades of color. Contrasting textures give a palette rich visual interest. For example, pair a matte burgundy table runner with glossy mahogany chiavari chairs, or mix metallic gold chargers with flatware in hammered copper. Having multiple finishes in your colors makes everything more dynamic.

Accent with Metallics

Metallics like copper, pewter, silver, and gold add a touch of sophistication. Balancing these with fall's abundance of neutrals creates a glamorous, high-end look. Use metallics sparingly as accent pieces within your palette. A little bit goes a long way in adding polish.

Best Wedding Colors for Fall

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One of the best aspects of having a fall wedding is getting to take advantage of the rich diversity of colors this season has to offer. From the warm hues of early fall to the darker tones of late autumn, you have ample options for infusing your big day with rustic yet romantic elegance. Here are some specific color suggestions based on the months.

September Wedding Colors

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Early fall wedding colors take inspiration from the transitioning hues of nature. Soft oranges, sunny yellows, sage greens, and muted blues reflect both the lingering summer warmth and the cooler changes ahead. Specifically, consider shades like:

  1. Honey - Has a warm, bright glow perfect for daytime weddings
  2. Peach - A softened orange that pairs nicely with greenery
  3. Champagne - An elegant neutral that complements lighter tones
  4. Dusty Blue - A muted, tranquil tone great for accents
  5. Plum - A rich pop of purple as an alternative to red

These brighter colors pair beautifully with late summer wildflowers like sunflowers and cosmos. They also bring out gorgeous sunset lighting.

October Wedding Colors

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October weddings usher in more intense fall tones. As the leaves turn, rich reds, purples, browns, and neutrals take center stage. Ideal shades for the full swing of autumn include:

  1. Wine - A bold, romantic red for tablescapes
  2. Deep Orange - Resembles fall foliage and autumn gourds
  3. Hunter Green - An earthy tone echoing lush forests
  4. Navy - A nod to October's night skies and striking contrast
  5. Marsala - A warm, sophisticated alternative to basic burgundy

These colors complement the fall foliage, seasonal gourds and squash, and the striking landscapes of October.

November Wedding Colors

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As fall winds down, November weddings tend to integrate more earthy elements. Golden browns, slate blues, and vibrant burgundies reflect the grounded tones of late autumn. Colors like:

  1. Olive Green - Reminiscent of military and foliage, perfect for menswear
  2. Rust - A warmer alternative to basic orange
  3. Terracotta - Embodies November's trees and clay tones
  4. Plum - A jewel-toned purple with an autumnal flair
  5. Ochre - An earthy, organic yellow shade

Work beautifully this time of year when paired with warm lighting. Natural elements come through.

By considering the seasonal changes each fall month brings, you can narrow down wedding colors that align with your date and vision. Whether you love the brighter hues of early fall or prefer the deeper tones as autumn progresses, there are so many options for turning the natural beauty of the season into color palette inspiration.

Fall Wedding Colors

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If you need more specific guidance on putting together your own winning color scheme for a fall wedding, here are twenty popular fall wedding color pallets along with suggestions on how to use them.

Burnt Orange + Yellow + Olive Green

This earthy blend is perfect for outdoor fall weddings. Burnt orange resembles falling leaves, yellow brings warmth like sunshine, and olive green echo the natural surroundings. Use these colors for decor items like flowers, linens, and signage.

Red + Blush + Gold

A timeless, romantic palette for barn venues. Red and blush create a soft, feminine vibe while metallic gold adds glamorous contrast. Blush bridesmaid dresses will pop beside dark wood beams and tables with gold chargers.

Plum + Navy + Sage

Rich jewel tones like plum and navy pair strikingly with subtle sage. This palette is ideal for upscale ballrooms and estates. Look for deep plum linens mixed with fresh sage floral centerpieces.

Wine + Peach 

An ethereal, light color pairing perfect for garden ceremonies and receptions. Wine boosts the elegance while peach keeps it airy. Peach uplighting will make an outdoor tent glow at night.

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Pumpkin + Burgundy + Champagne

A blend of rustic pumpkin and burgundy with a touch of glimmering champagne for warmth and sparkle. Adorn wood tables with burgundy runners, golden pumpkin votives, and vintage champagne flutes.

Forest Green + Tan + Rust

Incorporates natural elements like lush forests, wood grains, and autumn leaves. Perfect for outdoor fall weddings. Ask bridesmaids to wear different shades of green chiffon.

Eggplant + Lilac + Silver

The blend of regal eggplant and soft lilac gets a whimsical boost from shimmering silver accents. Use this palette for a unique, eclectic affair. Hang wisteria chandeliers above eggplant tablecloths with lilac napkins and silverware.

Copper + Peach + Sage

Warm copper and peach create a comforting, tranquil feeling while green sage adds an earthy touch. Ideal for smaller, intimate weddings. Sage bridesmaid dresses will pop against copper tin centerpieces.

Cranberry + Hunter Green + Ivory

A classic combination of fall sophistication. Jewel-toned cranberry pairs strikingly with deep hunter green, balanced by creamy ivory. Look for floral arrangements in white anthurium and green hydrangea with cranberry roses.

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Blush + Champagne + Rose Gold

Perfect for romantic weddings, this palette features soft blush and champagne for an intimate feel, complemented by the stylish glam of rose gold. Accent blush table linen with rose gold cutlery and champagne flutes.

Red + Orange + Yellow

Bold primary colors are reminiscent of falling leaves, pumpkins, apples, and barnyards. Fun for rustic farm-themed weddings. Display arrangements of crimson dahlias, orange lilies, and yellow sunflowers in galvanized tin buckets.

Olive + Mocha + Terracotta

Deep, earthy tones of olive, rich mocha, and burnt terracotta clay for organic fall elegance. Use organic textures like wood and linen. Mix mocha tablecloths with olive napkins tied in terracotta ribbons.

Plum + Lavender + Light Blue

Soft pastel purple hues of plum, lavender, and airy blue create a whimsical, ethereal vibe. Have bridesmaids carry cascading bouquets of purple and blue hydrangea tied with satin ribbon.

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Mustard + Rust + Olive

A blend of warm neutral tones. Mustard and olive offer earthy contrast to rich, vibrant rust. Display olive wreaths and garlands alongside rust and mustard candles.

Burgundy + Camel + Blush

Lush burgundy paired with warm camel and rosy blush creates rich, elegant depth. Line the aisle with alternating burgundy and blush rose petals.

Navy + Grey + Marsala

Sophisticated navy blue complements trendy marsala and timeless grey for a bold, modern fall palette. Ask groomsmen to wear navy suits with marsala ties.

Brick Red + Burnt Orange

True autumn warmth comes through in this simple blend of orange and red. Ideal for highlighting fall foliage. Scatter maple leaves down the aisle in a mix of orange and red.

Cornflower Blue + Olive Green

Earthy olive green gets a pop of contrast from bright cornflower blue. Fun and unexpected for lively fall weddings. Have cornflower blue bridesmaid dresses play against olive table runners.

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Berry + Rose Gold + Blush

From rich berry tones to glimmering rose gold and romantic blush, this palette exudes timeless glamour. Display a mix of blush, berry, and gold candles and vases down the tablescape.

Emerald Green + Gold + Ivory

The luxe tones of emerald green, metallic gold, and creamy ivory reflect natural hues in an elevated way. Ask the florist to incorporate emerald cymbidium orchids in bouquets alongside gold accents.

With so many options, you can easily create a customized color scheme that brings your autumn wedding vision to life. Whether you prefer bold jewel tones, soft pastels, or rich earthy neutrals, crafting the perfect palette is a fun way to tie everything together beautifully. Trust your instincts, embrace the colors of the season, and your wedding decor will radiate warmth, romance, and autumn's special glow!

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