Blossoms of Passion: The Journey of Blooms By Melly, A Florist’s Heartwarming Tale

  • Publication date: 09/14/2023
  • Updated: 09/14/2023

Are you ready to embark on a fascinating journey through the life of one of the top 10 best wedding florists in Los Angeles, CA? Allow us to introduce you to the radiant and heartwarming world of Melissa, lovingly known as "Melly." Our path through her story will weave through the enchanting garden of her unexpected career transition, the deep-rooted love for her craft, and the beautiful emotional connections she's cultivated along the way. With a tribute to her late father at its core, and a knack for creating stunning, unconventional designs, Melly's narrative is a blossoming tale that mirrors the captivating beauty of her floral creations. Come, let's dive into the petals of her life story together.

Blooms By Melly: The Florist With A Deep-Rooted Love for Her Craft

Photo by Blooms By Melly
Photo by Blooms By Melly

Blooms By Melly's journey into the vibrant world of floral design is an interesting tale that sounds more like an adventurous novel than a career trajectory. "My name is Melissa," she starts, adding with a twinkle in her eye, "but everyone calls me Melly!" As she weaves the story of her entry into the world of flowers and weddings, it's easy to see that this is more than a profession for her. "My path to floral design was unexpected but definitely serendipitous," she confides.

The Blossoming of a Career in the Midst of Adversity

Photo by Blooms By Melly
Photo by Blooms By Melly

During the challenging period of Covid-19, like many others, she was laid off from her job, a development that would change the course of her life forever. "I took a chance and started offering custom floral arrangements across Los Angeles," she remembers. With each flower she arranged, she discovered newfound freedom, creativity, and intentionality. The seeds of passion had been sown, and her talent started to bloom.

Rekindling an Inherited Love for Flowers

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Photo by Blooms By Melly
Photo by Blooms By Melly

But her heart had always held a special place for flowers, a sentiment she traced back to her late father, who owned a landscaping business. "I grew up helping him around the garden and learning about his favorite flowers," she reminisces. Losing her father to Dementia was a blow, but it also created a poignant connection between her past and her present. "Once I started Blooms By Melly, I instantly felt connected back to my father and felt as if I was continuing in his footsteps," she says.

The Emotional Rewards of Floral Design

Photo by Blooms By Melly
Photo by Blooms By Melly

Perhaps, the most rewarding part of her career is not just the ability to create beautiful arrangements, but the relationships and emotional connections she forms with her clients. "There is something so special about getting to be a part of such an important and memorable day in someone’s life!" she exclaims. Witnessing her couple's reactions to their wedding reveal and seeing her team's hard work come to fruition gives her a sense of fulfillment that she admits is "truly an incredible feeling that I can’t explain!"

And it's not all about the traditional, dear reader. Melly believes in incorporating the unexpected into her designs. "When you add in an element or texture that is unconventional, it can create the most beautiful and surprising combinations," she reveals. It's all about trial and error, about pushing boundaries and experimenting with combinations that may not be the norm. And in this space of exploration and innovation, Melly continues to bloom, just like the beautiful floral arrangements she so lovingly creates.

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