Blossoming Dreams and Floral Magic: A Conversation with Wedded Events, Top New York City Wedding Florists

  • Publication date: 01/14/2024
  • Updated: 01/17/2024

Ah, love and flowers! When blended, they result in the most enchanting symphonies, don't they? Today, dear, we delve into the captivating world of New York City's top wedding florists in 2023: Nada and Ayham from Wedded Events!

From Humble Beginnings to Floral Giants

“We started in 2011,” recalls Nada, with a touch of nostalgia. Just picture this: A husband and wife duo, deeply passionate about floristry, embarking on a journey that would soon morph into something monumental. “We quickly blossomed into a full-production floral company,” they recall. Their expertise doesn't just lie in petals and stems; it's the art of creating lush, luxury designs that are every couple's dream.

The Heart of a Wedding Florist

But what, you may ask, really tugs at the heartstrings of these seasoned florists? “Seeing people's reactions to a full room transformation with all the floral we provide.” Imagine the delight, the gasps, the emotions swirling in a room festooned with their handcrafted beauty. That, right there, is the magic these two bring.

The Canvas of Creativity

Their adventures in the world of flowers are nothing short of legendary. They've worked with the best. “Working with top designers in the world and creating spaces and ceiling installations,” they recount, a hint of pride evident in their voices.

But their artistry isn't confined to the classics. “Love that!” Nada exclaims when talking about their ventures into non-traditional elements like fruit, crystals, pampas, and even feathers. As for 2023's flower trends? “Color is a whole vibe this year,” they reveal, hinting at their love for color-blocking and distinct hues.

Making Dream Weddings Come True

Navigating the world of wedding floristry can be overwhelming. But Nada and Ayham have a remedy for that. “I always say to start on an inspiration board and then rule out from there,” Nada advises couples. From their treasured roses, dahlias, and orchids to their enriching consultations, these floral wizards ensure every step of the journey is delightful. “We provide an over-the-phone consult to help clients assess the style and budget,” they note, emphasizing their commitment to a stress-free experience.

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