From Biochemistry to Bold Imagery: The Journey of Liz Fogarty, Candid Wedding Photographer inWashington DC

  • Publication date: 01/13/2024
  • Updated: 01/13/2024

You've probably heard tales of those who've switched career paths in dramatic fashion, but none quite like Liz Fogarty's, a candid wedding photographer in DC. Sit down, dear reader, and let us spin you the tale of a woman whose journey has been nothing short of cinematic.

When Science Meets Art

Photo by Liz Fogarty
Photo by Liz Fogarty

Liz's origins in the world of art weren't what you'd expect. "I am actually a biochemistry major," she admitted with a chuckle. And as she further revealed, "I got into pharmacy school," but fate had other plans. Instead of concocting chemical compounds, she opted to pursue the visual delights of photography. Eleven years into her unexpected profession, Liz has managed to craft her signature style. "Bold, light-filled imagery worthy of the chicest magazines," is how she describes it, and we couldn't agree more.

Capturing Moments with Nikon

Photo by Liz Fogarty
Photo by Liz Fogarty

Now, for those tech-savvy readers curious about her tools of the trade, Liz is a devoted Nikon user. But it's not just about the equipment for her; it's about the essence of the moment. When it comes to editing, she prefers to keep things authentic. "Minimal so that my work is timeless," she emphasized.

The Energy and Artistry of Wedding Days

Photo by Liz Fogarty
Photo by Liz Fogarty

If you thought weddings were just about the cake and the "I do's", think again. "I love the energy of wedding days!" Liz exclaimed, her passion evident. She doesn't just snap pictures; she searches for raw emotions, the kind that can't be faked. "Art can't be manufactured," she mused, "It’s discovered in unexpected glances, unplanned embraces, and undeniable emotion." And that's the secret sauce to her breathtaking shots.

Crafting Custom Packages and More

Photo by Liz Fogarty
Photo by Liz Fogarty

Liz's flexibility shines through when accommodating her clients. "Of course. We do that for most destination weddings," she shared when asked about crafting custom packages. For those tying the knot in picturesque locales, Liz is game to capture those special moments. And her favorite destination so far? "We loved working in Cartagena!" she recalled fondly.

Her advice for clients prepping for their big day or a shoot? "Trust your photographer and hire an established planner," Liz advised with a knowing smile.

In wrapping up, the story of Liz Fogarty isn't just about a career switch from biochemistry to photography. It's a testament to following one's heart!

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