Bedge Pictures: Capturing the Essence of Love Stories

  • Publication date: 05/23/2024
  • Updated: 05/23/2024

Emeka Amafor of Bedge Pictures is not just a photographer; he is a storyteller whose artistry captures the profound narratives of weddings. His philosophy is deeply intertwined with his personal journey, where he states, "A husband, a brother, a friend. An award-winning photographer who specialized in shooting weddings and the beauty they encompass." With over a decade dedicated to photographing love stories, Emeka has developed a keen eye for the authentic moments that weddings offer. He describes his style as a "photojournalistic style that captures the true essence of two souls uniting."

Mastering the Craft

Photo by Bedge Pictures
Photo by Bedge Pictures

At Bedge Pictures, the commitment to quality is evident in every aspect of their work, from shooting to post-production. The team uses top-of-the-line Canon R5 and R6 camera bodies and a selection of Canon lenses, prioritizing natural lighting to enhance the natural beauty of their subjects. Emeka explains, "We try to stick with natural lighting as much as possible." The studio’s editing philosophy is to use Lightroom and Photoshop to enhance rather than transform, ensuring that the authenticity of the moment is preserved. "I don’t tend to over-edit," Emeka states.

Client-Centric Approach

Photo by Bedge Pictures
Photo by Bedge Pictures

Bedge Pictures prides itself on a client-centric approach, starting with detailed consultations and custom questionnaires to understand each client's unique vision and preferences. "We aim to gather insights into our clients preferences," Emeka shares.

The studio's flexibility in covering weddings is notable, often providing all-day coverage without strict time constraints, a nod to the festive and prolonged celebrations typical in Nigerian weddings. Emeka adds, "At Bedge Pictures, we believe wedding photography is about building connections with our couples. We prioritize these relationships by offering customized packages for clients who have additional or special requests."

Global Reach: Destination Weddings

Photo by Bedge Pictures
Photo by Bedge Pictures

Bedge Pictures also specializes in destination weddings, with a particular fondness for the enchanting city of Marrakech, which Emeka describes as his favorite place to shoot. "I fell I love with the city back in 2018," he remarks. The team's enthusiasm for destination weddings is matched by their commitment to capturing each couple’s story against breathtaking backdrops, ensuring that both the journey and the destination are beautifully memorialized.

Through a blend of technical skill, artistic sensitivity, and a deep understanding of their clients' desires, Bedge Pictures ensures that every wedding album is not just a collection of photos, but a treasure trove of timeless stories. Emeka's closing advice encapsulates their philosophy perfectly: "I like to tell my clients to be themselves, come as they are, I’ll find their true essence and I’ll capture it. I never want to doctor or force things."

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