Balancing Classics and Candid: A Personal Conversation with Kelly Giarrocco

  • Publication date: 01/27/2024
  • Updated: 01/30/2024

We've had the distinct opportunity to explore the artistic journey of Kelly Giarrocco, a top wedding photographer in New Orleans, whose work has been shaped significantly over the past 12 years. Kelly fondly recalls, "I find inspiration in early 20th century street photographers." This admiration isn't just theoretical; she's spent countless hours perfecting her people-watching skills, a hobby that started on park benches across the globe and evolved into a professional pursuit. Her dedication to observing life's unscripted moments has been a cornerstone of her career in wedding photography.

Kelly's unique approach to photography is a delicate balance of two distinct styles. She explains, "My style is a mix of timeless portraiture and photojournalism. I create classic and candid images of a wedding day with minimal interruption." This fusion allows her to create images that are both classic in their composition and candid in their capture, encapsulating the genuine emotion and unguarded moments of a wedding day with minimal interruption. This method ensures that each photograph she takes tells a story, frozen in time yet brimming with life.

Equipment and Post-Processing

Photo by Kelly Giarrocco
Photo by Kelly Giarrocco

When discussing her equipment, Kelly's eyes light up. "Both Film & Digital; My film cameras include a 35mm Contax and a medium format Mamiya. My digital camera equipment is all Canon." This combination of old and new technologies allows her to achieve a distinctive look in her photos, blending the classic charm of film with the sharpness and versatility of digital photography.

Post-processing is an integral part of her workflow, where she meticulously edits her digital images. "I carefully edit the digital images to reflect the classic tones and texture of film," she shares. This careful editing process ensures that each image maintains a timeless quality, reminiscent of the film era, yet benefits from the advancements of modern digital photography.

Client Relationships and Wedding Coverage

Photo by Kelly Giarrocco
Photo by Kelly Giarrocco

Delving into her interaction with clients, Kelly reveals that the most rewarding aspect of her profession is the deep connections she forms. "Being invited into the lives of my clients is the greatest gift, and I’m grateful to have found a career that allows me to be creative, connect with people, and document the highlight reel of our worldly existence: love, family, community, cultural traditions, dinner parties, and letting it all out on the dance floor," she says. Her approach to client relationships is highly personalized, aiming to understand and fulfill their unique visions for their special day.

Kelly maintains a balance in her work life by limiting herself to 15-20 weddings per year. This approach ensures that each wedding receives her full attention and dedication. She typically provides 8-10 hours of coverage for each event.

Advice for Clients and Destination Weddings

Photo by Kelly Giarrocco
Photo by Kelly Giarrocco

Kelly is enthusiastic about guiding her clients through the photography process. "The best thing to do is to let go and trust that all of your planning will pay off! A good attitude makes for great photographs, even when things go awry," she advises. This mindset, she believes, is crucial for creating a relaxed environment that leads to natural and beautiful photographs.

In conclusion, Kelly Giarrocco stands as a testament to the power of observation, skill, and genuine connection in photography. Her dedication to capturing life's most significant moments through her lens has made her a sought-after photographer in the realm of wedding photography.

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