The Artistry of Rachael Osborn Photography, One of the Top 10 Photographers in Chicago, IL

  • Publication date: 03/26/2024
  • Updated: 03/28/2024

If ever there were tales to be told in the realm of photography, they'd probably be narrated by someone like Rachael Osborn. But don't just take our word for it; let's delve deep into the heart and lens of this creative photographer in Chicago.

Childhood Memories & The Lure of Kodaks

Photo by Rachael Osborn
Photo by Rachael Osborn

Young Rachael wasn't like most kids. While many of us were hoarding toys and candies, she reminisced, "I used to spend all my vacation money on disposable Kodaks." For her, capturing memories wasn't just a pastime; it was an enchanting journey. The magic, as she so beautifully puts it, is the "ability to take the intangible and make it tangible."

From Classroom to Camera

Photo by Rachael Osborn
Photo by Rachael Osborn

Diving into her professional chronicle, Rachael transitioned from teaching to full-time photography by 2015. The conviction behind this decision? In her own words, she "hasn't looked back since then." For those charting her timeline, she had started her photographic endeavors in 2012 and, in just three years, committed wholeheartedly to her passion.

An Ode to Style and Aesthetic

Photo by Rachael Osborn
Photo by Rachael Osborn

Among the myriad hues and shades that artists are inspired by, Rachael’s muse has been the classic Kodak films from her childhood. She eloquently stated, "My style is very much influenced by a love of classic, timeless style as well as the vibrant colors of those Kodak film stocks I fell in love with as a child." It's not just about the look for her; it's about recreating the feel and emotions those pictures evoke.

Crafting Memories with Clients

Photo by Rachael Osborn
Photo by Rachael Osborn

Bridging the gap between a photographer's vision and a client's expectation is no small feat. However, Rachael approaches this with meticulous planning and collaboration. She mentions, "I try to work hand-in-hand with my clients... It's all the not-so-glamorous behind-the-scenes work that makes the beautiful moments happen effortlessly."

Whether it's a destination wedding or a local event, her dedication remains unwavering. And if you ever ponder upon the idea of hiring her, heed her golden advice: "Find a photographer you could be friends with." Now, isn't that a thought we all can resonate with?

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