2024 Bridal Style Guide: Innovative Ideas for Crafting Your Dream Wedding Ensemble

  • Publication date: 05/14/2024
  • Updated: 05/15/2024

We've crafted a lookbook grounded in the 2024 trends, presenting a unique collection of styles from the hottest brands. Choosing a particular fashion core speaks volumes about your subculture identity, and broadly reflects your character and lifestyle. Life brings changes, and so might your style as you evolve. Yet, the relevance of showcasing a specific style remains constant. Dive into our selection to not only get up-to-speed with the 2024 trends but also to draw inspiration from the curated ensembles by our editor.

Polished Preppy

Preppy is a fashionable style that mimics or echoes the attire of students preparing to enter classic colleges or private schools on the East Coast of the USA (like Yale, Princeton, Harvard, and others). The term derives from the English word "preparatory," referring to preparation. In modern times, this style has increasingly been adopted for festive looks, which is why it features in our collection.

We recommend paying attention to bow ties, tweed, textured fabric, combinations of rich colors, geometric prints, well-chosen accessories, comfortable and restrained footwear, and quality fabrics.

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Jazz Revival

A style that evokes an atmosphere of chic, elegance, and audacity. These are the perfect emotions that today's youth, tired of the routine, want to feel. We personally associate this style with the fashion of the 1970s, its vintage charm, and a call to the inspired soul.

In this look, we've blended trend echoes like corset dresses, elegant capes, lace fabrics, metallic textures, and chunky, layered jewelry. You can draw inspiration for this style from films or listening to jazz on vinyl, and vintage shops or thrift stores are excellent places to cultivate this image.

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Mob Wife

We recently explored the Old Money style, but now a new aesthetic is in vogue — the mob wife, or mafia wife. This image has become popular as today's youth romanticize the past they never lived in. They are inspired by the aesthetics and images of bygone eras and seek to revive them in their lives through clothing.

Francis Ford Coppola, a renowned director, contributed to this trend by posting reflections on the return of the mob wife style on his Instagram, which likely heightened the popularity of this image. To add a "mob wife" style to your wardrobe, look for furs, chunky jewelry, high-heeled shoes, gloves, leopard prints, and exquisite fabrics. Accentuate this look with bold eye makeup and voluminous hairstyles.

In our collection, we've adapted this style for an evening event while adding stylish trends.

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In 2024, this trend has swept through all social networks, and we also share a look to keep you on trend. Hailey Bieber, Kylie Jenner, Alexa Chung have vividly showcased this core in their looks.

"Girlcore" extends far beyond simple accessories; it's a movement that expands possibilities, inspiring women to boldly embrace and express their femininity with confidence and pride. This trend is a profound statement in the modern narrative of women's lives, challenging stereotypical perceptions and celebrating the diverse forms female energy can take. It's a celebration of strength in softness, strength in vulnerability, and beauty in traditional feminine aesthetics.

This trend is not just about wearing bows, ruffles, or pastel colors; it embodies the essence of femininity in a way that feels authentic and empowering. "Girlcore" is not just a style statement; it serves to embody a boldly reimagined legacy of femininity for the modern era.

We recommend combining elegant bows, soft colors, pearls, voluminous skirts, feminine footwear, cotton, lace, mini lengths, and semi-transparent fabrics.

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