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  • Publication date: 03/09/2024

Lily Laidlaw, the heart and soul behind the top Edmonton wedding photography company Lily Laidlaw Photography, shares her inspiration: "It is through a deep desire to both direct and candidly document profound and polished, yet also playful and endearing moments that ultimately resulted in the founding of Lily Laidlaw Photography."

This interview unfolds her unique vision, revealing her romantic nature and her connection to the authentic moments between people. "As a devoted romantic, documenting deep human connections remains my lifelong inspiration. Photography, to me, is a dynamic and living art form that demands continual nurturing. Every day, I prioritize the act of creation, drawing inspiration from nature, art, and the precious moments shared with my daughters, which ultimately influence my photographic style and the way in which I direct and collaborate with my couples and other photography subjects," Lily reflects.

Craftsmanship in Every Shot

Photo by Lily Laidlaw
Photo by Lily Laidlaw

Her journey, predating LLP's official start in 2019, began with her first experiences of capturing life through a lens. Her style, a blend of Old World elegance and modern flair, creates images that resonate with romance, light, and emotion. "At LLP, we specialize in fine art photography for your significant life moments; crafting a seamless experience that narrates your distinct story. Whether it's orchestrating and capturing the ideal wedding proposal, immortalizing the radiance and romance of your wedding day, or documenting the growth of your family through maternity and newborn portraits, my team and I are here for every step of your journey," Lily explains.

Talking about the best thing in their work, Lily emphasizes, “Documenting human connection, working with other creatives to bring a vision to life, and knowing that we are a part of some of the most significant moments of people's lives are the driving forces behind LLP.”

Discussing her gear, Lily reveals, "Nikon, Canon and Fujifilm. I am a bit of an admitted gear junkie." The team's wide range of equipment enables them to capture various styles and emotions effectively. Each photo is meticulously reviewed and edited by hand. "Our photography spans from elegantly styled and editorial images to candid shots, capturing every aspect of your story," Lily emphasizes, showcasing her dedication to excellence and attention to detail.

A Symphony of Collaboration

Photo by Lily Laidlaw
Photo by Lily Laidlaw

Lily Laidlaw describes her client collaboration process: "The LLP team is dedicated to fulfilling your wedding dreams, providing support in every aspect you need. Whether it's location scouting or managing timelines, we work closely with couples, planners, and venues, leaving no detail unchecked. Our goal is not just to capture moments but to guide you throughout the day, allowing you to relax and relish your celebrations. We ensure that your special day is documented with purpose and care."

Lily's philosophy is to work closely with clients, ensuring every aspect of their important events is flawlessly captured. "Our primary goal is for you to fully immerse yourself in creating extraordinary, once-in-a-lifetime memories on your big day, free from any worries about photography. Trust me; this day will pass by swiftly, but rest assured, we'll be there, capturing and cherishing every fleeting moment alongside you," she notes.

For those planning their photoshoot, Lily offers a pearl of wisdom, “Rely on the expertise of your photographer and wedding planner. When you take the time to carefully select these two vendors for your wedding, you gain the assurance that you can entrust them to bring your vision to life. Together, they will bring professionalism and skills allowing you to confidently hand over the details, ensuring a smooth and memorable wedding.”

LLP's Worldwide Adventures

Photo by Lily Laidlaw
Photo by Lily Laidlaw

Lily shares her excitement for travel: "Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Lily Laidlaw Photography caters to local bookings within the stunning Alberta Rocky Mountains and is also available for photography sessions in far-reaching destinations worldwide."

LLP is not confined to Edmonton but extends its services to some of the most beautiful locations globally. "Santorini in Greece is purely magical. I also love shooting in Italy. Banff, is always a joy to capture in our iconic Canadian Rockies. I am also open to exploring new destinations around the globe," Lily remarks.

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