Unveiling Timeless Narratives: The Journey of JuMi Story’s Captivating Photography

  • Publication date: 05/16/2024
  • Updated: 05/16/2024

Ladies and gentlemen, we are thrilled to usher you into the world of JuMi Story. This distinguished photography team, now considered the top wedding photographers in Vancouver BC Canada, has gained a reputation for its unique and eye-catching style. Their motto is simple yet powerful, "Why just rock one style when you can have 3?"

Reliving the Photography Journey of JuMi Story

Photo by JuMi Story
Photo by JuMi Story

Let's wind the clock back 14 years. Over a decade and a half, JuMi Story has diligently honed their photography skills, globally exploring the nuances of fine art, fashion, and documentary styles. With their Canon DSLRs always at the ready, they have captured captivating narratives that are uniquely their own. They proudly reflect, "Our art is a mastery of balancing between timeless, candid, and editorial styles."

Infusing Energy and Passion: The Core of JuMi Story

Photo by JuMi Story
Photo by JuMi Story

At the heart of this collective, photography is more than merely taking pictures - it's about breathing life into each frame. The team resonates with the repeated compliment, “Your enthusiasm is contagious,” and this energy is infused into their work. They passionately believe, "At its core, photography paints subjects’ emotions with light and we want our photographs to breathe life. They have to speak, they have to tell a story, and they have to have meaning."

Building a Bridge with Clients: A Key Factor in JuMi Story’s Success

Photo by JuMi Story
Photo by JuMi Story

Curious about how they engage with their clients? Their philosophy is founded on 'communication'. They recognize that every couple brings a unique love story and encourages them to share their vision. "There is no one style that works for every single couple," they express, "we love it when couples send us inspo and tell us what and why they love about the images. This way we can understand their vision and capture something that is truly their own."

Juggling Logistics and Finances: The Practical Side of JuMi Story

Photo by JuMi Story
Photo by JuMi Story

The JuMi Story team manages around 20 weddings and an equal number of pre-wedding photo sessions each year. They offer a broad range of coverage times, from 8 to 12 hours, and are always willing to personalize their packages to cater to specific client needs.

For the smooth execution of a photoshoot, they advise, "Always be communicating and send inspo images to your photographers (in one go). We suggest sending it a week ahead of your wedding. This way the photographer can mentally prepare and prioritize what you would like to capture."

In conclusion, if you're seeking a photography team that doesn't just click photos but crafts your unique story with energy, passion, and creativity, JuMi Story could be your destination. With them, you aren't merely signing up for a photoshoot; you are embarking on a creative journey that immortalizes your precious moments.

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