Preserving the Heart of Your Wedding: The Exceptional Talents of Amanda Adams

  • Publication date: 05/05/2024
  • Updated: 05/08/2024

In a world where memories often fade, one photographer has made it her mission to preserve the priceless moments that make life truly remarkable. Amanda Adams, a seasoned wedding photographer, has dedicated her life's work to crafting timeless and emotive visual stories that will be cherished for generations to come.

Passion Ignited by Personal Loss

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Photo by Amanda Adams
Photo by Amanda Adams

Amanda Adams' business was "literally born of ashes" after a devastating fire in her home. This life-altering event, where she lost everything from possessions to priceless family heirlooms, deeply connected her to the profound meaning and intention behind documenting people’s lives. As Amanda explains, "I understand the importance of protecting those memories, too. So when I started working with clients on a full-time basis I instantly built in a workflow to protect my clients from what I experienced." 

A Refined and Sentimental Photographic Style

Photo by Amanda Adams
Photo by Amanda Adams

With over 14 years in the wedding industry, Amanda has developed a distinctive photographic style that she describes as "filmic, approachable, refined, and sentimental." As a hybrid photographer, she utilizes both film and digital mediums. “I rely on the scans of the film images that I get back from the lab to use as my "anchor" images. Once the film scans come back to me, I will then edit my digital images to get as close to the film images as possible. This helps to create a cohesion in my final galleries,” she states. This cohesive approach results in a visually stunning gallery that beautifully preserves the cherished moments of her clients' special day.

Amanda maintains a comfortable wedding count of 25 per year, as she believes " All of my clients deserve my attention equally, so I prioritize not booking more than I can handle." The typical coverage for her clients ranges from 8-10 hours, depending on the specific needs of the wedding. However, Amanda is always happy to work with couples to create a custom package that meets their unique requirements. As she explains, "Once I gather some information about your needs and your wedding plans, I'll craft a custom proposal based on your answers. That way you're not stuck paying for something you don't want, or passing on something you really do."

A Relationship-Driven Approach

Photo by Amanda Adams
Photo by Amanda Adams

At the core of Amanda's work is a deep understanding of the significance of relationships and the lasting impact of her art. As she shares, "At the core of who I am, it’s the people who matter. I am intuitive to relationships and it’s always a goal to have them represented in my clients’ collections. I know, more than anything, that this visual story will be shared with generations and that knowledge is at the forefront of the decisions I make along the way while serving my clients."

Her relationship-driven approach, coupled with her attention to detail and technical expertise, ensures that each client receives a tailored and exceptional experience. “Working closely with a couple's wedding planner is extremely important. And a lot of the work leading up to preparing for a wedding is done with them. However, if a client isn't working with a wedding planner, I have a detailed questionnaire that I provide my couples with that helps us all get on the same page before their wedding day arrives,” she adds.

To help her clients prepare for their special day, Amanda recommends "Get to know your photographer and how they work! This can be achieved by booking an engagement session with them prior to your wedding. You'll have the opportunity to see how they approach posing, how they guide you throughout your session, and what the final product would be. But more than that, you'll know if your personalities are a good match."

While Amanda has not yet had the opportunity to dive into destination weddings, her passion and dedication suggest that she would excel in capturing the magic and beauty of celebrating love in unique and breathtaking locations. As she enthusiastically shares, "Destination weddings are something that I haven't had the opportunity to dive into, but I would love the chance!!"

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