A Journey with Mike & Vitaliy Shpenyk from MONROphotography

  • Publication date: 03/23/2024
  • Updated: 03/23/2024

Ever wonder about the eyes and stories behind those mesmerizing wedding photos? Let's embark on an exciting journey into the world of Chicago photography experts Mike & Vitaliy Shpenyk from MONROphotography.

A Dynamic Duo with a World of Experience

Who exactly are these photography wizards? "For 16 years of work," they started, "we discovered different cultures and traditions. It’s our type of perfect work, with lots of fun travelings, positive emotions, and meeting new nice people.” So, if you're tying the knot, or just love good photography, they've got heaps of experience ready to be put to work. And the cherry on top? An assurance of top-tier color quality and that distinct artistic touch we all love. They added with a chuckle, “Our main goal is to capture the atmosphere, sincere emotions, and tears of joy.”

Their Signature Photography Style

Modern wedding photography—this is their realm. It's genuine. No posing, no faking, just real emotions captured in real time. And to ensure those raw moments are captured in all their glory? They wield the Canon RF, a true marvel in the world of photography. When it comes to giving those snaps the finishing touch, they shared, “We appreciate timeless, vibrant colors that will remain impactful for years to come.”

Working Magic with Clients

When asked about their interaction with clients, they explained, “Every successful outcome requires a lot of preparation for the wedding. But on this day, everything should be easy and effortless.” This philosophy ensures the couple stays in the moment, and the photos remain natural. In the practical realm, they typically spend 9 hours covering an event. Plus, they’re all ears for custom packages. 

Global Ventures and Dream Destinations

Mike & Vitaliy aren't just bound to one place. They have teams stationed in the US, UK, and Ukraine. “We have three teams. All of them do a lot of destination weddings,” they shared with pride. So, whether you’re dreaming of a countryside English wedding or a mountain Ukrainian vow exchange, these guys have got you covered.

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