A Conversation with Justine Milton Photography, Master of Capturing Authentic Emotions

  • Publication date: 12/19/2023
  • Updated: 12/20/2023

Our journey into Justine Milton's photographic realm was akin to stumbling upon a hidden gem. It was a delightfully unexpected encounter with a talent that has blossomed over 14 splendid years. Justine recounts her start with a touch of amazement, "I learnt the basics in university through a course I was taking, it was a complete fluke that I was good at photography and loved it!" This modest beginning has unfurled into a full-blown passion, showcasing her unique ability to capture life's fleeting moments.

The Artistic Style of Justine Milton

Photo by Justine Milton
Photo by Justine Milton

Justine's approach to photography is like an artist painting on a canvas, only her canvas is reality itself. Her style is a blend of the ethereal and the timeless, a technique that infuses a pastel palette into the fabric of real life. She describes her style succinctly, "Timeless, a little more pastel and magical than real life, genuine connections." The authenticity of emotions and the depth of the narratives she captures speak through each photograph, leaving an imprint of beauty that transcends the ordinary.

The Joy of Connection Through the Lens

Photo by Justine Milton
Photo by Justine Milton

The heart of Justine's photography lies in the connections she forms—a sentiment she captures beautifully: "the connections I get to make with people and their families. The joy of being around people on some of the most special days of their lives." It's this joy that fuels her work, as she not only photographs her subjects but also becomes a part of their story, immortalizing their cherished moments with every click of her camera.

Philosophy and Approach to Client Engagements

Photo by Justine Milton
Photo by Justine Milton

When it comes to working with clients, Justine places immense value on understanding and realizing their vision. Her approach is personal, interactive, and deeply rooted in making the clients comfortable, "I like to know what their vision is first, and then I make a plan on how I think I can achieve that." The rapport she builds is based on laughter and ease, transforming photo sessions into joyous gatherings. She articulates her method as one that's designed to make her clients feel at ease, explaining, "I talk a lot, I tell a lot of jokes, I get them comfortable with me so it’s more like we are hanging out than a paparazzi situation." As for giving a piece of advice to future newlyweds, Justine’s sure that “everyone's process will be different, some people need a stiff shot before photos, some people need a good pump-up song, some people need weeks worth of research. I guess the best advice is to trust the professionals to do their best for you.”

Capturing Love Across the Globe

Photo by Justine Milton
Photo by Justine Milton

Justine's love for photography doesn't stop at her local studio. She's a globe-trotter with a camera, ready to traverse oceans for that perfect shot. Destination weddings are an emphatic "Yes" for her, taking her from scenic mountains to bustling cities, capturing the essence of love wherever it calls her. When asked about her favorite destination, she's inclusive of the world, "I haven't found a place I don't love."

In the tapestry of life's most joyous celebrations, Justine Milton’s wedding photography in Calgary is something that will turn your moments into timeless treasures. It’s more than just a service—it's a heartfelt experience enriched by genuine connections, laughter, and the universal language of love.

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