Chelsea Gurr: A Master of Honest, Lived-In Storytelling

  • Publication date: 05/06/2024

Chelsea Gurr's path to becoming a renowned wedding photographer is one of personal discovery and unwavering passion. As she describes herself, Chelsea is the quintessential "introverted-extrovert," a unique blend of introspective observation and expressive flair. Her journey into the world of photography began as a personal passion, one that she initially found daunting but eventually embraced with unbridled enthusiasm.

A Captivating Journey into the Heart of Weddings

Photo by Chelsea Gurr
Photo by Chelsea Gurr

“If you'd ask me about photography then, it was a pipe dream and something I was so nervous to even say out loud... "I want to be a wedding photographer." It seemed so intimidating,” she states. Chelsea’s love for the art of photography blossomed after her own wedding. "After our own wedding, I was so inspired. I bought my first camera and that was the beginning of everything for me," she recalls.

This pivotal moment marked the start of her obsession with photography, as she began documenting everything around her. "I became obsessed with it, and photographed everything. I think once my son was born, I realized the true value of photography because time really is so fleeting."

Gurr's passion for destination weddings is evident as she shares, "I've done two in Mexico, and a handful in Quebec. The one I am looking forward to most is in Greece in May of 2025 at a private villa."

Blending Honesty, Authenticity, and Editorial Flair

Photo by Chelsea Gurr
Photo by Chelsea Gurr

Chelsea’s photography style is a harmonious fusion of honesty, authenticity, and a touch of editorial elegance. She masterfully captures the essence of each couple's love story, creating images that are both candid and visually compelling. Her work is about honest, lived-in, and documentary moments with a hint of editorial. She aims to tell the true story of the day while also creating something beautiful and visually striking.

Chelsea’s fascination with astrology and human design has also influenced her artistic vision. This introspective exploration has undoubtedly shaped her ability to connect with her subjects on a deeper level, allowing her to capture the raw emotions and genuine connections that unfold on a couple's special day.

When asked what she enjoys most about being a photographer, Gurr reflects, "What a loaded question. I'm such a people person, so I genuinely love making those face to face connections with couples and their loved ones on their wedding day. That aside, it's such a treat to be able to provide not only memories from the day of, but knowing my work will strike up a conversation for years to come within a family - I think that is so special and powerful and I love that I can provide that type of conversation and connection to my clients and their loved ones."

Offering guidance to her clients, she recommends, "Let go of any expectations you might have - I think it's best to come into a photoshoot with an open mind, knowing that you've hired the photographer to do what they do best. Don't judge yourself, your partner, or the photographer. Don't second guess anything, and just have fun. In the end, you've hired the photographer because you love their work.. so let them do just that, however it might look!"

The Power of Connection and Vulnerability

Photo by Chelsea Gurr
Photo by Chelsea Gurr

Chelsea’s approach to client relationships is deeply rooted in fostering genuine connections. "Getting to know them, and I mean truly connect with them, is such a crucial part of my approach," she shares. "I think my super power is that I have this ability to make people feel comfortable, but in front on my camera and in conversation." By creating an environment of trust and vulnerability, Chelsea is able to capture the most intimate and genuine moments, as her clients become fully present and immersed in the experience.

Her dedication to building strong relationships with her clients is evident in her approach. "I connect multiple times before a shoot and/or a wedding, more than most I think. I've found that listening and learning are a big part of what I do and why my clients are able to perhaps feel a little more vulnerable around me," she explains. "Vulnerability is so crucial to the outcome of my work. Of course, I can take a pretty picture. But when connection and intimacy and vulnerability are layered in there, because of a connection that has been built between myself and my clients, this is where my work comes to life."

Chelsea’s flexibility and willingness to customize her packages to meet her clients' specific needs is another hallmark of her approach. "Absolutely!" she exclaims, "I love to offer flexibility in my packages to make sure my clients priorities are being met so that they don't have to worry about a thing on their wedding day."

Embracing the Timeless and the Newfound

Photo by Chelsea Gurr
Photo by Chelsea Gurr

Chelsea’s photography toolkit is a harmonious blend of cutting-edge digital technology and the timeless allure of film. Equipped with her trusty Nikon D850 cameras, she effortlessly navigates the fast-paced nature of a wedding day, while her recent foray into film photography, using a sentimental camera passed down from her mother, adds an extra layer of nostalgia and timelessness to her portfolio.

"Recently I've been migrating to film with a very sentimental film camera from my mom. I remember going through her and my father's honeymoon photos as a child and her showing us the camera that she shot the images on. I think it's so full circle that I get to use the same camera to shoot weddings with now."

Chelsea’s post-processing approach also reflects her commitment to maintaining the authenticity of her images. "I typically edit in Lightroom and do additional editing in Photoshop on photos that I either want to get a little more creative with or photos that might need an extra touch-up," she explains. This careful balance between digital and analog techniques allows Chelsea to create a unique and visually captivating body of work that resonates with her clients.

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