A Candid Chat with Jessica Lily Photography, One of the Top 10 Local Photographers in London

  • Publication date: 11/22/2023
  • Updated: 11/22/2023

There's a certain magic in freezing a moment in time, don't you think? And when you encounter an artist who does it with a unique flair, it's simply enchanting. So, sit tight, for we're about to introduce you to Jessica Lily Photography, one of the top photographers in London!

From Corporate Mazes to Wedding Gazes

Jessica said, "I studied photography at a foundation level in university. Decided I wanted to get into the corporate world, which I quickly regretted!" It’s always intriguing how life pulls us into unexpected alleys. Jessica ventured into the corporate domain only to find it wasn’t her cup of tea. So, with a hint of humor and much wisdom, she retraced her steps back to photography. On her return, she stumbled upon her ultimate muse – weddings!

The Artistic Approach: Old-School Meets Modern

Dive into the depths of Jessica's artistry, and you’ll discover a fascinating blend. "I use a mix of analogue film and digital," Jessica shared. The purists among you will adore her commitment to analogue film. It’s untouched, raw, and beautiful. "For film, nothing it’s just shot how it’s taken in the camera," she explains. Digital shots, on the other hand, get a sprinkle of Jessica's color-grading magic in Lightroom.

The Essence of Jessica's Photography

It's not just about clicking the shutter button. For Jessica, it’s about encapsulating memories. "I enjoy the fact that I am freezing a moment of time in that person's life," she passionately voiced. Those precious moments evolve into timeless memories passed down through generations. And there's a special kind of nostalgia in gazing at old wedding photographs, a sentiment she keenly resonates with.

Building Bonds Beyond Business

When working with couples, it's a bond, a relationship, and a connection for Jessica. "The key is to build a strong relationship with your couples," she emphasized. It's pivotal, according to her, that you see the photographer not merely as a professional but almost as a guest at your wedding. This rapport ensures a comfort level that results in genuinely candid moments.

If wanderlust is in your blood, and you dream of a destination wedding, Jessica might be your go-to. She loves them! But remember, "I do. However I only do 2 a year maximum," she warns. And her favorite spot? "My favourite destination is Ibiza!"

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