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Vangelis Beltzenitis Photographer

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Vangelis Beltzenitis Photographer photo
Vangelis Beltzenitis Photographer photo
Vangelis Beltzenitis Photographer photo
Vangelis Beltzenitis Photographer photo
Vangelis Beltzenitis Photographer photo
Vangelis Beltzenitis Photographer photo
Vangelis Beltzenitis Photographer photo
Vangelis Beltzenitis Photographer photo
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10 Reviews for Vangelis Beltzenitis

out of 5. Recommended by 100% of couples
Panos Sofos Married couple on 03 Dec 2022
Amazing work!!!
Takes professionalism to the highest levels...
He had the solution for everything...
Totally recommended and hope to work with him and his group again and again!!! Thank you so much!!!
James Catchpole Married couple on 14 Nov 2020
We decided to book Vangelis and his team for our wedding photography in Santorini. My wife had stumbled across his work on instagram and instantly fell in love with the beautiful style of his photos.
Communication leading up to the wedding was via email and we always received quick responses to all of our questions. We met with Vangelis at his office a couple of days before the wedding. He went through a timeline of the day and told us exactly what was going to happen.
When the day came around Vangelis and his team were amazing. The direction he gave was brilliant (and I'm sure he had his work cut out for him as we are not a couple used to being infront of a camera!). He captured the most beautiful pictures of the day, such candid photos of all of our guests, and even suggested we do our first dance earlier to capture the stunning light and colours of the sunset.
He is the by far the best photographer and knows his stuff along with the rest of his team. We honestly can't thank him enough and are in love with all of our photos!
Jessica's Kreature House Married couple on 18 Jun 2022
Vangelis is an exceptional photographer. He made the experience so easy, and natural. Not to mention our pictures are divine!!!  Communication was perfect as well.
Mike Married couple on 11 May 2019
Got married in Santorini in May 2019 and had Vangelis for the photographer. Extremely professional and made us feel comfortable! Best part is we were blown away with the results (pictures) when we received them; VERY happy!
Tina Worldview Married couple on 17 Jul 2021
I just got my wedding photos, they are amazing! I could not stop looking at them and can't stop smiling! Below is our detailed experience:

1. Searching phase - I researched many photographers, looked at their website photos and reviews. I did lot of research because I realised a lot of other photographers on Santorini took excellent photos for Caucasians but only average quality for Asians, it might be because they were not experienced/familiar with Asian facial features. When I saw three Asian wedding couple photos that was featured on Vangelis website that I loved so much, I contacted Vangelis Photography to see if he was available on our wedding day. Irianna the assistant manager was very friendly and professional and got back to us promptly with all our questions.

2. Planning phase - We had one video call with Vangelis where we get to know each other, he was very friendly and I'm grateful for his time to get to know us before the wedding. The rest of the communications on the wedding day schedules was communicated via our wedding planner. My hair and make-up artists all told me that my photo is going to be really good because Vangelis is my photographer.

3. Wedding day - Vangelis is even more warm and friendly in person on our wedding day. It was a very hot and windy day and he took us to so many different spots for our after ceremony photos. He knows all the good spots! Every location turns into a magical place in his photo! He even bought us cold water drinks so that we wouldn't get dehydrated. His assistant was also very friendly and helpful. He is so professional and you can tell he loves his job and has a lot of pride in his work.

I highly recommend contacting Vangelis for your wedding photo!
Li Zhang Married couple on 14 Mar 2020
I found Vangelis’s website and looked through all the portfolios. The style, the tone and the romantic atmosphere of the photo really caught my eye. That’s the photographer I wanted to have for my wedding, and I booked the date with Vangelis right away.

Vangelis was very professional ,willing to help others and at the same time fun to work with. He was answering phone calls from the wedding planner, the flower decoration partner and the catering service team on the wedding day to help them find our wedding venue (it was not easy to find a place in Santorini)

My husband and I received the photos a few days ago and they were beyond our expectation. I would definitely recommend Vangelis to any couples who are getting married (not just in Santorini but other part of the world as well, as Vangelis travel a lot).
Suzana Vrhovac Erman Married couple on 26 Sep 2020
When searching for photographer we saw Vangelis's portfolio and instantly fall in love with his story and pictures. We got married in September 2020 in Santorini.
We felt like he was part of our experience, like we knew each other for a very long time. He was so professional and detailed but also open and made us feel very relaxed, comfortable and stress free. He made it look effortless. He has an eye for every detail and his photos are really an art, you can truly feel his love for photography. Just watching him taking the photos was a unique and special experience.
Also his team was always there for us.
Photos arrived very quickly and we are amazed by the result.
We couldn't imagine having a better photographer on our wedding day, thank you Vangelis!
Joyce Holmes Married couple on 13 May 2023
Vangelis and his team were amazing, my husband and I got the most beautiful photos from our wedding in Greece and we couldn’t be happier. The quality was amazing, in fact some photos we made into large prints (18x24 inches) and the detail and sharpness in the photos were truly incredible. He captured every moment and got photos that just truly reflect how dreamy our day was.
Michelle Kerzner Married couple on 04 Feb 2023
My husband and I had Vangelis as our wedding photographer and could not have been happier with our experience and our photos. As wedding photographers ourselves we have a high standard for photography and Vangelis and his team delivered! We love our photos! Thank you so much. Hire these guys if you want the best pictures, you won’t be disappointed!!
Kylie Kang Married couple on 08 Jul 2023
Our wedding in Santorini, Greece was an absolute dream come true. From the moment we first connected with Vangelis, we knew we had found the perfect photographer to capture our special day.

Vangelis and his team did an amazing job of capturing our wedding and the breathtaking beauty of Santorini. Each photograph was a work of art.

Vangelis and his team also impressed us with their professionalism and warm personality. Their experience and helpful direction let us relax and be ourselves, resulting in photographs that radiated authenticity and genuine emotion.

Flipping through our wedding album feels like reliving the day, with each image evoking a rush of emotions. The attention to detail and the seamless flow of the narrative they crafted through their photographs is truly exceptional.

If you're planning a wedding, we wholeheartedly recommend Vangelis Photography!


Vangelis Beltzenitis
Photographer Vangelis Beltzenitis About me

My love for photography has been taking over from a very young age. I have always been taking pictures from the moment I got my first camera in his hands at 9 years old. As I was growing older, the way to express myself was through a Nikon FM2 camera, a 50mm lens and countless rolls of Tri-X 400 Black and white film. I have spent countless hours in the darkroom processing my own films, because I wanted to have the control of the whole process from the beginning till the end. A bit later I received a scholarship by the Greek Ministry of Culture to study photography and what started as a passion evolved to a profession.


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What percentage of users recommend Vangelis Beltzenitis and which are the most valued aspects of their wedding services?

Vangelis Beltzenitis is recommended by 100% of couples who have used their services. Their overall rating is 5.0, with the same score awarded for quality of service, flexibility, value, professionalism and average response time.

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Vangelis Beltzenitis stands out as a distinguished wedding photographer in the captivating city of Como. With a keen eye for capturing the essence of each couple's most treasured moments, Vangelis has earned a respectable reputation on the Wezoree community platform. Moreover, this esteemed photographer has been honored with three Wezoree Awards, underscoring his commitment to excellence in his craft.

Clients consistently celebrate Vangelis's work, as evidenced by the ten heartfelt reviews listed on Many praise his ability to vividly document the atmosphere and emotions of their weddings. Kylie Kang, for example, highlights not only the aesthetic perfection of Vangelis's photographs but also his team's professionalism and comforting demeanor, which contributed to the authenticity of each shot.

Vangelis's photography is not just a service but an art form cherished by those fortunate enough to be captured by his lens. Michelle Kerzner emphasizes their professional satisfaction as fellow photographers, a testament to Vangelis's high standards, while Joyce Holmes admires the stunning quality and detail that allows for large prints to be made without sacrificing clarity.

Suzana Vrhovac Erman recalls a profound connection with Vangelis, describing the interaction as personal and stress-free. This level of client-photographer relationship illuminates Vangelis's philosophy—that a successful photograph is one where subjects are comfortable and the love for the craft is evident in every frame.

Clients like Li Zhang praise Vangelis's organizational skills and proactive approach, noting his readiness to coordinate with other wedding vendors to ensure a seamless experience. His prompt delivery of photographs further solidifies his dedication to excellent service and client satisfaction.

Tina Worldview’s account also emphasizes Vangelis's ability to adeptly capture a diverse array of subjects, highlighting the importance of a photographer experienced in working with different facial features. This adaptability and attention to detail make Vangelis an exceptional choice for couples of all backgrounds.

Overall, Vangelis Beltzenitis receives high commendations across the board—from his skillful artistry to his impeccable professionalism. His proficiency in encapsulating every special and genuine moment of wedding celebrations positions him as a highly recommended photographer within the Wezoree Community, where memories are treasured through the timeless medium of photography.