Bespoke Unique Weddings & Events Planner

Bespoke Unique Weddings & Events Planner

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Luxury Destination Weddings Planning & Designing Exclusive Bespoke destination weddings in Italy and Europe International team

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budget $30 000
Bespoke Unique Weddings & Events Planner photo
Bespoke Unique Weddings & Events Planner photo
Bespoke Unique Weddings & Events Planner photo
Bespoke Unique Weddings & Events Planner photo
Bespoke Unique Weddings & Events Planner photo
Bespoke Unique Weddings & Events Planner photo
Bespoke Unique Weddings & Events Planner photo
Bespoke Unique Weddings & Events Planner photo
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7 Reviews for Bespoke Unique Weddings & Events

out of 5. Recommended by 100% of couples
Carl Married couple on 08 Oct 2022
It’s difficult to find the right words to express how grateful and in awe of the amazing job everyone did for this incredibly challenging wedding. It’s hard to believe that it was the first time we’ve ever worked together and yet somehow, through the sharing of the same vision and having the mutual respect, love and friendship for one another.

We all come from different countries and backgrounds, we speak different languages, have different working styles and levels of experience and skills – we are all so different – but we all share one common and undeniable passion for weddings  and it is this driving force that pushes and motivates us to deliver perfection.

Thank you all from the very bottom of my heart for your immense effort, incredible teamwork, willingness to go that extra mile – and no matter how stressful a situation was, for always tackling it full on with a beautiful smile

I honestly couldn’t have asked for a more competent, hardworking, trustworthy, capable, talented, kind and professional team of wedding experts to have had the honour and pleasure of working with and learning from. I feel so blessed and privileged to have met such a strong, kind and beautiful group of women who possess so many amazing qualities (both inside and out).
Gabriela Married couple on 27 May 2023
I would choose you again & again, thanks for your help, for having endured all my demands and getting everything, I asked for, for being available at all times, answering my e-mails and WhatsApp at the moment, night and day. You have been there 100% every day! I know it has not been easy and it has been a lot of work but you have exceeded my expectations, you have made everything go perfect, just as I wanted to!
Congratulations to the whole team, specially to Cinzia and Valentina.
You are the best!
Daria Married couple on 08 Apr 2023
The most important quality of a wedding planner is their ability to feel like a close friend or family as the planning process is quite intimate. We found that Valentina and Margherita were like instant family to us. They understood our vision quickly and knew that we wouldn’t settle for conventional. Their ability to help us customize every detail of our wedding was paramount to the experience.
It wasn’t just the high level vision though, every detail they took the time to meticulously plan ensured that there were no mistakes. We must’ve gone through 7 versions of a 160 person seating chart that had each person’s food choices, accommodations, and allergies. Each time we revised it they spent the time to work through all the changes to make sure not the smallest detail was missed.
I look back fondly on that wedding weekend and realize that they did so much more than what we planned. There were so many things we didn’t even know about that they tastefully handpicked that exceeded even our high expectations. Everyone they worked with was so professional, the best of the best, which made our wedding feel like more than a dream….it felt like a fairy tale.
I would highly recommend this team to help you make your dreams come true and in the end you’ll be given the greatest memory of your life and new family!
Caroline Married couple on 11 Mar 2023
There are no words to describe how many emotions we felt… we lived a dream. We would simply like to say thank you to all the people who have supported and followed us on this journey.
Thanks to Valentina, Cinzia and Nicoletta, you have put your heart into it as well as your professionalism, you are wonderful!
Anna & Eric Married couple on 08 Jul 2023
If I could describe my wedding in one word it would be “magical” and the people behind the magic were Cinzia & Michela. They truly went above and beyond to make my concept of “Monet’s Water Lilies” come to life in the most beautiful way.

Cinzia is always very responsive and attentive, even with the time difference between California and Italy. Both Cinzia & Michela contributed creative, high-level ideas and were hands-on and proactive every step of the way. I chose them because of their beautiful portfolio and they did not disappoint.

Our guests were blown away by the flowers, music, food, boats, and how special everything was.

Thank you Bespoke Unique Weddings for creating such a magical experience for us! Our wedding experience is a memory we will always remember as perfect.
Sandra Married couple on 23 Sep 2023
We got the chance to work with Bespoke Unique Weddings & Events for our wedding celebration in lake Como after various recommendations, and honestly the commitment, dedication, patience, and passion that this team has, is truly unique.
It took us almost a year to plan the wedding, and through it all, they were available to guide us, give us their best recommendations, follow up with every single supplier, keep us posted with payment trackers, time frames, deadlines, literally everything in the most organized manners! Not the mention that they assisted us in every single aspect of this day, from accommodation to transportation, decoration, music, catering literally all, not one aspect wasn’t covered by them.
Least to say our wedding was literally a dream, not one of our guests didn’t miss the chance to tell us WOW!
I’ll be forever thankful for this memory they have left for me for life!
Kevin Married couple on 14 Oct 2023
Words cannot express how grateful we are to have had such a wonderful team assisting us plan our dream wedding!
From the planning to the execution of the big day, everything was perfect. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving us the wedding of our dreams and for making the planning process so smooth and enjoyable.
Our friends and family are still raving about how magical the weekend was, and that is all thanks to your hard work and dedication.
You all have a special place in our hearts, and we hope to cheers our Spritz the next time we are in Como!


Cinzia Beretta & Valentina Pioltelli
Planner Cinzia Beretta & Valentina Pioltelli About me

We are a dedicated and international team of skilled, highly professional destination wedding planners based in Italy. Our wedding planning & designing agency is specialized in crafting unique and bespoke weddings throughout Italy and Europe. With many years of experience in the luxury industry, fashion, architecture and design we know the value of planning stylish events and have an eye for the very best. At Bespoke, we’re driven by the idea that the best things are born from diligence, listening and fun. Pleasure in our jobs puts perfection in our work – we understand the importance of identity, creativity, and individuality in everything we do, and in every one of OUR LUXURY DESTINATION WEDDINGS. Our multilingual team shares the same vision and values of our Bespoke community. Our wedding planners plan memorable, upscale, glamorous and above all fun celebrations, to make our client’s experience the best it could possibly be.


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What percentage of users recommend Bespoke Unique Weddings & Events and which are the most valued aspects of their wedding services?

Bespoke Unique Weddings & Events is recommended by 100% of couples who have used their services. Their overall rating is 5.0, with the same score awarded for quality of service, flexibility, value, professionalism and average response time.

Vendor Insight

Cinzia Beretta & Valentina Pioltelli of Como have garnered immense accolades as wedding planners, with a trio of Wezoree Awards showcasing their excellence. These dedicated planners have been lauded in seven client testimonials, echoing a consistent narrative of remarkable service and unforgettable events.

Kevin's review paints a vivid picture of gratitude, celebrating the seamless journey from daunting planning to the magical execution of his wedding. The team's meticulous coordination crafted an enchanting weekend, etching everlasting joy not just in Kevin's heart but also amongst the guests.

Sandra articulates the team's unmatched dedication and organizational prowess, which escorted her through a year-long planning odyssey. Cinzia and her team's comprehensive oversight, infusing passion and precision into every facet, transformed Sandra's wedding into an awe-inspiring spectacle that guests couldn't help but exclaim "WOW."

Anna & Eric's enchanting Monet-inspired wedding is a testament to the planners' creative acumen and attentive service. Regardless of time zones, the team's proactive approach and responsiveness, resonating through their stunning portfolio, forged a splendid and memorable wedding experience for the couple.

Caroline's succinct yet heartfelt message emphasizes the strong emotional resonance of the planners' efforts. Their heartfelt dedication and professionalism to the special journey created a dream-worthy wedding experience for Caroline and her partner.

Daria's review underscores the implicit trust and intimacy fostered by planners Valentina and Margherita, exemplified by their intrinsic understanding and customization of every wedding detail. Their meticulous attention to the finest particulars yielded a flawless celebration that transcended Daria's dreams, making her wedding not just a memorable event, but a fairy-tale reality.

Revered for their expertise in weaving dream weddings into tangible realities, Cinzia Beretta & Valentina Pioltelli have earned their stellar reputation in Como's wedding scene, underlined by their ability to immortalize those indelible moments of matrimonial bliss with grace, sophistication, and a personal touch.