Carolina Sandoval Photographer photo
Carolina Sandoval Photographer photo
Carolina Sandoval Photographer photo
Carolina Sandoval Photographer photo
Carolina Sandoval Photographer photo
Carolina Sandoval Photographer photo
Carolina Sandoval Photographer photo
Carolina Sandoval Photographer photo
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Carolina Sandoval
Photographer Carolina Sandoval About me

I'm Carolina, and I was born near Tuscany, Italy. I live in a small town with my little son Jo who is my little darling.  My roots are Hispanic, and from my father I inherited the art of documenting and the desire to travel. I studied and attended various fashion and documentary photography courses in Milan, London and Madrid. The biggest baggage I carry with me, however, are the human connections I encounter on every trip. I consider myself a lucky person to have turned my passion into a job, and I am infinitely grateful for this.  My works have been published by important magazines such as: Vogue, The Wed, Wed Vibes and more…


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Carolina Sandoval is recommended by 0% of couples who have used their services. Their overall rating is 0.0, with the same score awarded for quality of service, flexibility, value, professionalism and average response time.

Vendor Insight

Nestled in the heart of historic Rome, Carolina Sandoval holds the lens to eternity, transforming fleeting moments into everlasting memories for blissful couples. As a craftsman of light and emotion, her impeccable eye for detail and passion for storytelling shine through each frame she captures. Her status as a wedding photographer of note is secured not only by her evident skill but also by the accolades she has garnered, including a prestigious Wezoree Award.

Carolina’s work is characterized by a unique blend of classical romance and contemporary vibrancy—every photograph a testament to her understanding of the city's ethereal backdrop. Her use of Rome's architectural grandeur adds a sense of opulence and grandiosity to the sweet whispers of love she photographs. Couples looking for a wedding album that doubles as an ode to love and a tribute to Rome's timeless beauty need look no further.

Tales of nuptial bliss are often lost in translation, but Carolina's photographs speak a universal language, capturing the essence of each couple's journey. Her clients often express awe at her ability to make even the simplest moments resonate with a symphony of emotions. Each picture stands as a chapter of a grander story, a visual keepsake of the love shared and celebrated under the Roman skies.

The distinction of holding a Wezoree Award speaks volumes of Carolina's commitment to excellence. This prestigious recognition, bestowed upon her by the very community that deems her a paragon of wedding photography, is evidence of her consistent delivery of high-quality work that not only meets but exceeds expectations. With an eye for the magical, Carolina elevates wedding photography to an art form.

Accessibility and attentiveness are among the hallmarks of Carolina's service. From the bustle of the pre-wedding preparations to the hush of the post-ceremony embraces, she moves with an unobtrusive grace, ensuring that no golden moment goes unnoticed. Her genuine enthusiasm and dedication make her presence an added joy to the festivities she so lovingly immortalizes.

In conclusion, Carolina Sandoval is more than a photographer; she's an artisan of memories. Every photograph she takes is imbued with the enchantment of the occasion, making her an asset to any wedding celebration. Her prestigious Wezoree Award is but a glimpse of the commendations that future satisfied couples will surely bestow upon her. For those tying the knot in Rome, Carolina is a name synonymous with photographic brilliance and unfailing service, capturing the heart of your special day with every click of the shutter.