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Katerina Kutas Photographer

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Capture your story with elegance, style and true emotion Refined simplicity.

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Katerina Kutas Photographer photo
Katerina Kutas Photographer photo
Katerina Kutas Photographer photo
Katerina Kutas Photographer photo
Katerina Kutas Photographer photo
Katerina Kutas Photographer photo
Katerina Kutas Photographer photo
Katerina Kutas Photographer photo
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5 Reviews for Katerina Kutas

out of 5. Recommended by 100% of couples
Alena Krasnoshchekova Married couple on 12 Jun 2021
We had amazing wedding photo session with Katya.  
We enjoyed a lot from the process of working together and fantastic results, Katya is very talented, sees the “frame”, chooses locations, helps with posing, she hasn’t missed no one guest at our wedding and what also was important for us - communications, everybody was comfortable because Katya speaks English, Italian, Russian languages. Work with her was big pleasure for us and we are sure that it’s not last one! Thanks a lot!!!
Lukasz Jurkowski Married couple on 17 Sep 2022
Katerina made our wedding session in Rome and I truly recommend her. I'm not sure if she's a better as a person, as photographer or as a Rome guide. This was our first photoshot and we needed someone who show us what we should do and Katerina is absolutely that person. We went in so many places where she guided us and showed us how to pose, that our photos look like made during entire day. She totally understand the lights and shadows, the photos are bright, sunny and amazing. In the result we've got exactly what we expected and that's the best recommendation. We'll be back for our 10th wedding anniversary photoshot ;)
Elena Vedyashkina Married couple on 08 Oct 2022
First of all I want to say thank you to Katerina that she agreed of being our photographer, I know how busy she is! It was so pleasant discussing the details before the wedding (I received a lot of really useful advices from her), and of course during the “Big day” it was amazing! My dream of having gorgeous photos of us on the sea on sunset came true thanks to Katerina! It’s also important to mention that she is a very pleasant and punctual person, and she is perfect for the international events (that was our case also) as she speaks English, Italian and Russian (at least, maybe even more languages).
Sarah Pi Married couple on 29 Apr 2023
From our engagement shoot to our wedding day, Katerina made everything smooth and unforgettable. She captured each moment in such a way that each picture reflects our feelings and personalities. All of the pictures are pristine, natural and overall lovely. My husband and I are so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Katerina.
Tiffany Chou Married couple on 20 May 2023
Katerina was amazing! It was our first time visiting Italy and my fiancé and I wanted to do a photoshoot in Tuscany (except I had no idea where). I reached out to Katerina and she generously offered to chat with us to give us some possible regions to consider as we planned our trip. She even kindly offered advice for our trip planning in general! Prior to the photo session she worked with us to get a better sense of what we were envisioning including our outfits, and she put in a lot of effort into brainstorming and finding the optimal locations to do the session. Per my request, she also recommended me an equally wonderful and talented makeup artist/ hairstylist Tania Nitsak. Both of them combined made for a super fun, creative, artistic, and adventurous day! I could tell they are both super passionate about their work and I have a high level of respect for that. For those who are not sure how to pose, Katerina provided us constant guidance to elevate our natural look in every situation. She was also able to bring out a side of me that I don't think was ever captured on camera since I am generally very shy and reserved. In the end, the pictures turned out so amazing and dreamy, filled with precious moments. Btw, the weather on the day of our photoshoot was very unpredictable with intermittent rain, cloudy and sunny skies. Nevertheless, none of these prevented Katerina from doing her amazing work. I cannot recommend Katerina enough (and Tania too) and would certainly  do photoshoots with her again!


Katerina Kutas
Photographer Katerina Kutas About me

My name is Katerina and I'm a photographer.  My photography is simple, delicate and elegant. My photos capture emotions and are spontaneous, full of meaning. Because photos are a source of memories. They will take you back to the events and places; help to feel and experience again those emotions. They will warm you up and bring a sense of happiness.  I am fortunate. I live in the most wonderful city in the world - Rome. The Eternal City is a constant source of Inspiration for me.  I shoot in Rome and in other cities of the sunny beautiful Italy.  Come, I'll be glad to share with you my vision and my love for Italy!


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What percentage of users recommend Katerina Kutas and which are the most valued aspects of their wedding services?

Katerina Kutas is recommended by 100% of couples who have used their services. Their overall rating is 5.0, with the same score awarded for quality of service, flexibility, value, professionalism and average response time.

Vendor Insight

Katerina Kutas stands out amidst the historic charm of Rome as a purveyor of timeless memories. Her lens captures the essence of a couple's love, transforming moments into enduring keepsakes. As a wedding photographer, Katerina is no stranger to the significance of nuptial milestones. Her artistic sensibility harmonizes with the eternal city's romance, weaving narratives through her photographs that speak of love's enduring nature.

Possessing a unique flair for encapsulating the emotive dance of light and shadows, Katerina's portfolio reveals a tapestry of intimate glances and joyous celebrations. Her approach is profoundly personal, resonating with couples who seek to immortalize their special day with authenticity and elegance. She curates visual stories that echo the individuality of each couple, ensuring that no two wedding albums are ever alike.

Rome serves as an exquisite backdrop, yet Katerina's skill in highlighting the subtle, candid moments sets her apart. She takes advantage of the locale's grandeur, crafting images that are both majestic and profoundly personal. Whether against the city's ancient ruins or along its cobblestoned paths, Katerina's work promises a captivating blend of the monumental and the intimate.

Recognition for her stellar work is evident with Katerina securing an accolade from Wezoree, a testament to her expertise and exceptional service. This award honors those who consistently deliver beyond expectations, showcasing Katerina's dedication to her craft and her clients. Such commendation secures her position as an esteemed figure in the landscape of wedding photography.

Her collaboration with Wezoree.com amplifies her reach, allowing couples from across the globe to access her services. The seamless interface of the platform ensures that prospective clients can convene with Katerina effortlessly, fostering connections built on professional trust and artistic admiration. Navigating the logistics of wedding planning becomes less daunting with Katerina's portfolio a click away.

Katerina Kutas' artistry with the camera provides an unparalleled service that honors the beauty and significance of wedded unity. Her Wezoree accolade speaks volumes of a career punctuated with passion, expertise, and the ability to preserve love stories for a lifetime. As Rome continues to inspire lovers from around the world, Katerina stands at the ready, her camera in hand, to capture the magic that unfolds.