Sara Sganga Photographer photo
Sara Sganga Photographer photo
Sara Sganga Photographer photo
Sara Sganga Photographer photo
Sara Sganga Photographer photo
Sara Sganga Photographer photo
Sara Sganga Photographer photo
Sara Sganga Photographer photo
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5 Reviews for Sara Sganga

out of 5. Recommended by 100% of couples
Tasha Canino Married couple on 22 Apr 2023
Sara’s professionalism, dedication and passion is one of a kind. We couldn’t be happier with the beautiful images she captured of our dream wedding in Italy. Sara not only captured incredible spontaneous moments but also stunning portraits of my husband and I. I would definitely recommend Sara and her team and can assure that you will not be disappointed. Thank you Sara!
Michele Vergara Married couple on 13 May 2023
Sara & Roberto are the perfect couple and photographer duo! They accompanied our whole journey during the most wonderful day of our lives and were like a part of the family! We couldn’t be happier with the results!!! Sara captured all the wonderful emotions, movements and details of our wedding day.
Sara was recommended to us by a friend, since it is so difficult to choose from many options, we are very happy that we followed our friends advice and we can recommend Sara 100%! Grazie Mille!!!
Sommer Massoni Married couple on 04 Nov 2023
Where can I start?? From our first communication I knew Sara & Roberto were going to be more than worth the cost. Sara takes the time and attention to show much she cares. She not only captured the most important day (and our love) beautifully, but she made the whole process a wonderful and enjoyable experience! She put my worrying mind at ease. The process of getting legally married overseas can be a daunting one, but Sara made this aspect so fun from the very beginning. She made sure to understand us as a couple and what we wanted. On our actual wedding day, there was some stress from another vendor but Sara was so patient every step of the way and then just completely flipped the mood for us and was a key component in making it truly the most fun and overall enjoyable day of our lives. We cannot thank her, her husband or their talent enough! We would choose them over and over again. We truly feel as though we have two friends in Italy and we hope to reunite again in the future!! Sara – thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making our dreams come true!
Cat Arg Married couple on 11 Nov 2023
Being keen on photography, I've always dreamt about the perfect shooting for our wedding day. That's why Sara Sganga was the right straight choice for us! Her peculiar point of view, her sensitive way of looking at the couple, her being passionate but also professional is something you can quickly see through her photos. That's not just work, it's art: she's got a mission and she carries it out with pleasure. Together with Roberto, she focuses on the best light and captures the best shot on your special day.
Not only have we felt absolutely comfortable, but we have enjoyed it too! And what about our visually stunning photo album? It takes your breath away, that's for sure.
We're so grateful for her work.
So, if you want a life event to be immortal in memorable and amazing pictures, don't miss Sara... She rules!
Julia Allen Married couple on 20 Jan 2024
We love you SO much!!!!! Our photos are beautiful, exceeded our expectations which were already high since we knew your work is just breathtaking. We took a peak just Michael and I after Christmas and then we actually did a little wedding photo reveal with our parents! They were obsessed with them. The way you captured our emotions and theirs plus our guests who attended is just out of this world! I mentioned to Michael how happy I was we had a smaller party because you got a beautiful shot of every single person who attended. Your talent and art is unmatched in our eyes!! Who knows you may have to come to NYC soon so we can do maternity photos.

We love love love you and your husband! Please stay in touch!


Sara Sganga Studio
Photographer Sara Sganga Studio About me

We love to describe the wedding day in a natural and spontaneous way, we love reporting, capturing the real emotions that a couple experiences on their most important day and then conveying them through our photographs. We will never give you a flat and banal story about your wedding, because we are always looking for a decisive shot with a strong emotional and above all creative impact. Light is our eternal ally. Our goal is also to find great beauty and elegance in images, perhaps in a beautiful portrait created and conceived with great light.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average price for Sara Sganga wedding photography services?


What percentage of users recommend Sara Sganga and which are the most valued aspects of their wedding services?

Sara Sganga is recommended by 100% of couples who have used their services. Their overall rating is 5.0, with the same score awarded for quality of service, flexibility, value, professionalism and average response time.

Vendor Insight

Sara Sganga Studio emerges as a luminary in the realm of wedding photography, proudly anchored in the historic and romantic city of Rome. A sanctuary for couples seeking to immortalize their special day, Sara Sganga's lens captures more than mere images; it encapsulates emotions, ambience, and the unspoken narratives lacing each matrimonial moment.

The prowess of Sara Sganga Studio is evident through their accolade on Wezoree, earning a distinguished Wezoree Award, which crowns their dedication to excellence in wedding photography. This singular honor denotes a level of craft and customer satisfaction that places them at the expedient of the industry—a testament to Sara Sganga's photographic finesse and unwavering commitment to her artistry.

Her style, a harmonious blend of elegance and spontaneity, caters to those who cherish authenticity. Each snapshot by Sara Sganga Studio is a testament to their ability to transmute passing moments into an eternal testament of love and joy. Picturesque backdrops of Rome serve as a canvas, weaving couples into the city’s eternal story.

Clients exult in the personalization and attentiveness that Sara Sganga and her team provide. Understanding that each wedding is as unique as the couple it celebrates, they tailor their eye to align with the envisioned aesthetic, ensuring bespoke service that resonates intimately with their clientele.

Indeed, the ensuing portfolios from Sara Sganga Studio are not merely collections of photographs but heirlooms that transport one back to the heartfelt vows exchanged. The innate beauty and historic grandeur of Rome are interlaced with the personal stories that unfold within its bounds, thanks to Sara's instinctual ability to discern and capture the inherent magic of each moment.

To conclude, Sara Sganga Studio stands as a pinnacle for couples desiring to preserve their Roman romance through a photographic narrative. As a Wezoree-acclaimed vendor, they are not only recognized for their consummate skills but also admired for their contribution to the living tapestry of love stories celebrated within the eternal city.