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Beauty of every moment with an eye for detail.

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out of 5. Recommended by 100% of couples
Mr. & Mrs. Kraus Married couple on 23 Sep 2023
I wish I had the words to properly express how thrilled and amazed we are. You are guys just beyond talented and I couldn’t have dreamed of anything better! The music, the details, just everything. You are truly an artist and we will cherish these forever.
Irina Married couple on 03 Apr 2024
Time extinguishes emotions, erases details, muffles the dialogues played out in memory.
Inexorable to weaknesses and fears, despite all the efforts made, one day it will furrow our face with thin slits of wrinkles, dry up smooth hands and add silver to the hair that once burned with a flame.
But how hopelessly fading and doomedly transient our existence would be if there were no place in it for the ghostly, barely perceptible, but still hope, at least in one and only of the hundreds of thousands of rounds played, to deceive the natural course of time and steal from it from under nose lottery ticket, which is at stake immortality.
No one can grant us such a ticket except writers, painters, sculptors, musicians, photographers and filmmakers. They and only they are the keepers of the “flywheel of time”, to the magical action of which we turn in order to tear ourselves away from the reality of today, rewind the film, re-ignite the smoldering fire of memories, and, having deceived ourselves and ruthless shooters, return to the past for a moment.
Thanks to Paramonova movies, this cherished artifact - a story that gives eternal life - is now with us. Not a "roller", not a "video" and not a "wedding day chronicle". Real cinema. Quivering, sincere, touching, heartfelt. Without broken poses, inquisitive glances and theatrical kisses. You are the best thing that could, should and happened to our family history, of which you yourself have become an integral part.


Paramonova Movies
Videographer Paramonova Movies About me

I am Victoria, founder and film director of Paramonova movies Studio.  I have been creating wedding films all over the world for the last 10 years. Together with my team of professionals we focus on documentary approach. We try to capture the essence and beauty of every moment with an eye for detail.   For me, it's an amazing experience to be a destination videographer.  At the same time it is a great reason to work side by side with my husband Stas, a talented wedding photographer.  Describing our works, I would say: touching and moving wedding films with an aesthetic vision in combination with emotional music.  Can’t wait to see your event through my lenses.


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What percentage of users recommend Paramonova Movies and which are the most valued aspects of their wedding services?

Paramonova Movies is recommended by 100% of couples who have used their services. Their overall rating is 5.0, with the same score awarded for quality of service, flexibility, value, professionalism and average response time.

Vendor Insight

Paramonova Movies, located in the picturesque city of Como, has rapidly evolved into a cherished name in wedding videography. With a focused eye for cinematic storytelling, they have earned a vault of recognition, including two prestigious Wezoree Awards. This distinction is further validated by the fact that clients who have hired Paramonova Movies have left a mere two reviews, yet the depth and gravity of their satisfaction reverberate through their words.

Irina, a client whose life's chapter was captured by Paramonova Movies, attests to the timeless quality of their work. She beautifully articulates how fleeting and ephemeral our moments can be and stresses the importance of preserving these precious memories. Her profound narrative depicts Paramonova Movies as more than just videographers—they are artists who wield the power to halt time and immortalize emotions.

As consummate storytellers, Paramonova Movies has perfected the art of emotional resonance. Their work is described as the antithesis of trivial, superficial records. They craft quivering, raw, and heartfelt pieces of cinema that genuinely encapsulate the essence of each family's story. Irina's personal account hails the team as an essential piece of her family history, a testament to their phenomenal ability to personalize and immortalize her special day.

The praise continues with a powerful endorsement from Mr. & Mrs. Kraus. Overwhelmed by the artistic prowess of the Paramonova team, the couple struggled to find words that could do justice to the work with which they were presented. Their excitement over the attention to details and expertly matched music highlights the videographer's skill in creating an atmosphere that resonates deeply with the viewer.

Acknowledged for more than just talent, Paramonova Movies is recognized by clients as creators of art that will be treasured for a lifetime. The Kraus couple admires the seamless blend of audio and visual elements that has transformed their wedding footage into a masterpiece. With such artistry, Paramonova Movies delivers not just videos but cherished heirlooms.

In summary, Paramonova Movies stands out in Como as a videography service of unparalleled caliber, capturing weddings with a cinematic flair that earns widespread acclaim. The unforgettable experiences they craft for their clients underscore the expertise and passion embedded in every frame. For those seeking to preserve their life's milestones with authenticity and beauty, Paramonova Movies emerges as a premier choice among Wezoree Community vendors.