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We're a family (husband and wife) blending stunning cinematography with heartfelt storytelling.

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out of 5. Recommended by 100% of couples
Jucan Raluca Married couple on 10 Jun 2023
Experiența noastră cu ei a fost pur și simplu extraordinară! Profesionalismul lor și abilitatea de a captura momente magice au transformat ziua nuntii noastre într-o amintire de neprețuit. Mulțumim pentru munca impecabilă și pentru documentarea perfectă a fiecărui detaliu special.  Montajul final a fost uluitor, reflectând exact atmosfera emoționantă și fericirea din ziua noastră specială. Iar faptul ca am ales sa avem parte de “same day edit” a fost “cireasa de pe tort”, momentul in care a fost prezentat filmuletul fiind unul extrem de emotionant atat pentru noi cat si pentru cei dragi prezenti la nunta.  Recomandăm cu încredere serviciile.
Teodorescu Liviu Married couple on 02 Sep 2023
Avem cea mai frumoasa amintire de la nunta noastra datorita Art&Roses, si recomand cu toata increderea. Go Go Goooooooooooooo!
Andra Diaconu Married couple on 16 Sep 2023
Fiecare moment, fiecare zâmbet și fiecare sentiment trăit în acea zi au fost transferate într-o poveste plină de căldură și emoție pe care o resimțim cu fiecare vizionare a filmării. Această echipă minunată demonstrează un talent artistic și o pasiune pentru storytelling care transcende videografia obișnuită. Ei nu au capturat doar imagini, ci au îmbrățișat emoțiile, speranțele și sentimentele noastre în fiecare cadru. Ne simțim privilegiați că am fost martorii pasiunii lor pentru artă și pentru abilitățile lor de a transforma fiecare secundă într-o bucată prețioasă de amintire. Recomand cu drag tuturor celor care doresc să-și păstreze amintirile vii în inimile și în memoria lor.
Jaime Antonian Married couple on 28 Oct 2023
From the moment we chose Art & Roses Films as our wedding videographers for our special day in Ibiza, Spain, at the breathtaking Hacienda Na Xamena resort, we knew we had made the perfect choice. However, we could never have imagined just how incredible the experience of working with them would be.

From the onset, the team at Art & Roses Films exemplified professionalism, creativity, and a genuine passion for capturing love stories. Their approach to storytelling through their lenses is nothing short of magical. They worked seamlessly with the venue, our guests, and us, ensuring every moment was captured beautifully without ever feeling intrusive. Their ability to blend into the background, capturing natural and heartfelt moments, truly sets them apart.

The final product exceeded our highest expectations. Every frame of our wedding film is a testament to Art & Roses Films' exceptional skill and artistry. Watching the film transports us back to that day, evoking the same emotions, chills, and teary-eyed joy we felt. It’s not just a video; it’s a cinematic experience that tells our love story with such elegance and emotion that it feels fresh every time we watch it.

Choosing Art & Roses Films was undoubtedly one of the best decisions we made for our wedding. They have given us the gift of reliving our most cherished day in the most beautiful way possible. We cannot thank them enough for their dedication, talent, and for capturing our love in a film that we will treasure forever.

To anyone considering Art & Roses Films for their wedding or any special occasion, let our experience assure you: they will not just meet your expectations; they will surpass them in every possible way. Thank you, Art & Roses Films, for making our wedding memories everlasting and for giving us a masterpiece that brings us joy every time we watch it.
Vanessa Tearnan Married couple on 06 Jan 2024
Art and Roses were incredible! They were very professional, but also treated us like loved ones, so invested in our day, relationship, and creating a lasting memory that we would forever cherish. They captured the most amazing shots and weaved it together in this beautiful storyline that brought my partner and I to tears when watching it. Their creativity and expertise exceeded our expectations. Not only do they provide a memory of the day through the film, but they also enhanced the experience through reflective interview, witnessing, and bringing our story alive through beautiful art.
Thank you Veronica and Ionut!
Diana Rogo Married couple on 17 Feb 2024
I honestly can't recommend Art&Roses enough. They were out of our budget, but I managed to convince my future to be husband to take a chance on my intuition and go forward with them. He still thanks me to this day that I kept my stand and now we have this incredible experience to share over and over again. We watch it yearly on our anniversary and I look forward to it every single time.

The first time I saw it my husband and Ionuț had planned everything to surprise me! We went to the local cinema to watch it there with my family and friends. That's how invested this guy is!! I cried and laughed and FELT IT ALL AGAIN. Everyone there was swoon away. My family was breath taken.. I was just in awe.

The wedding video has such an impact on how I recall the event and it's the only thing that truly captures the complexity and depth of what I felt like on that day.

The wedding was in Venice and I had the film crew spend an extra day with us there after all the guests left. They made me feel like a movie star as we were taking more shots in the most romantic city in the wolrd.. it's surely a day I'll remember forever.

Ionuț and Veronica came with the whole concept on the spot, on our first encounter, that's how I could tell they're the perfect match for us. Somehow, they saw right through us. Above anything, the movie feels true to me. It's both deep and real, as well as absolutely stunning as a production. I posted a few screenshots, but you can see the short version on my YT channel @dianarogo

Beyond how grateful we are for the end product and the professionalism over-all, I just got to say I grew very fond of them as people. The passion that they exude as they talk about their work is infectious. You know, you want people who actually care about you being there on the most important day of your life. I felt that with this team. You won't regret it.


Art & Roses
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With a background in commercials, music videos, and documentaries, we specialize in capturing the magic of your wedding day through cinematic storytelling. With our keen eye for detail and passion for creating timeless memories, we'll craft a masterpiece that beautifully reflects your unique love story.


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What percentage of users recommend Art & Roses and which are the most valued aspects of their wedding services?

Art & Roses is recommended by 100% of couples who have used their services. Their overall rating is 5.0, with the same score awarded for quality of service, flexibility, value, professionalism and average response time.

Vendor Insight

Nestled in the picturesque city of Como, Art & Roses emerges as a beacon of creativity and passion for couples seeking to immortalize their wedding day. As a purveyor of wedding videography, this vendor stands out not only by garnering two distinguished Wezoree Awards but also by instilling trust in their clientele, as evidenced by the six heartfelt reviews left by those fortunate enough to experience their service first-hand.

Diana Rogo, one of the elated clients, paints a vivid image of Art & Roses' dedication to capturing love stories. By arranging a theatrical premiere of her wedding film, the vendor demonstrated their profound commitment to going above and beyond. Like a romantic epic brought to life, the film encapsulates not just the visual splendor of her Venice wedding but also the soul-stirring depth of emotions felt throughout the occasion.

As the annual replays of these cherished memories attest, Art & Roses has crafted more than just a video; they've provided Diana and her husband with an evergreen source of joy, a testament to their intuition in selecting this video artisan for their special day.

Vanessa Tearnan echoes the praise with her own accolades, highlighting Art & Roses' remarkable blend of professionalism with heartfelt care. Transforming the fragments of her wedding day into a beautiful narrative, the team exceeded expectations both in the quality of their film and their remarkable ability to kindle memories with an artful lens, underscoring the vendor's dedication to their craft and clients alike.

Jaime Antonian's testimonial further solidifies Art & Roses' stature as a producer of cinematic masterpieces. Selected for their special day in Ibiza, the team not only matched but surpassed the envisioned outcome. Their unobtrusive presence and keen eye for candid moments allowed for a treasure trove of genuine emotions, all elegantly woven into a film that reignites the warm glow of love with every viewing.

Art & Roses' portfolio is undeniably impressive, boasting an ability to resonate deeply with their subjects—the hallmark of truly great storytellers. Past clients continually emphasize the team's unique penchant for understanding and depicting a couple's narrative, and how, through their craft, they create visceral, enduring reminders of the love shared.

Whether through Ionuţ and Veronica's outpouring of creative genius during a spontaneous encounter or through their evident contagious passion, Art & Roses stand peerless. They don't just document your day; they transform it into an emblem of your journey together. Those seeking to encapsulate their moments in the threads of time need look no further than this commendable team from Como – a choice that, as the touching reviews promise, you will never regret.