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Boutique Weddings Planner

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Since 2007 we plan unique & luxury weddings. With our impeccable service, we offer a first-class experience planned to perfection.

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Boutique Weddings Planner photo
Boutique Weddings Planner photo
Boutique Weddings Planner photo
Boutique Weddings Planner photo
Boutique Weddings Planner photo
Boutique Weddings Planner photo
Boutique Weddings Planner photo
Boutique Weddings Planner photo
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8 Reviews for Boutique Weddings

out of 5. Recommended by 100% of couples
Rabbi Barbara Aiello Married couple on 22 Jun 2019
Just a not to thank you for all you did to organize the beautiful wedding for Marina and Michael. It was a joy for me to officiate for them and I thank you for helping make the event so stress free.  It was a pleasure to work with you and Roberta... she was fabuloso!
Ella V. Married couple on 10 Aug 2019
If you are planning your wedding in Italy but don't know where to start, Boutique Weddings Lake Como are here to help you plan your dream day! Big than you to Roberta & Petra for all hard work to make our catholic wedding the most beautiful and stress free event of our lives! Fantastic communication throughout the planning process with lots of good advice. We couldn't have done it without you :-)

We highly recommend this wedding planner!
Yasmeen Forsyth Married couple on 28 Sep 2019
We had a fantastic wedding in a venue which boutique weddings found for us. Everything went smoothly and Roberta helped answer questions we had in the run up to the event. Would certainly recommend a Como wedding!!
Jason Lam Married couple on 16 May 2020
Roberta is an absolutely wonderful wedding planner and person to work with. She is very organized, prompt with responses, and made our experience planning an overseas wedding stress-free. Our wedding was much more beautiful than we expected. And everything went smoothly. I would highly recommend her and her team. Thank you again Roberta!
Glen Denny Married couple on 18 Jul 2020
From the first quick email reply to the end of the wedding, Boutique Weddings have been amazing and we highly recommend them for your wedding.

Both Giorgia and Roberta were brilliant. The suggested suppliers were also great. We didn't have a single issue or stress moment which was all thanks to their great planning.

It was the best day of our lives and we will miss emailing them.

All the best for the future.
Shari Tork Married couple on 06 Nov 2021
Many wedding venues and planners make the bride & groom feel like they're just another number. Roberta, however, was always sincere, never pushy, and made us feel like family. From the beginning, my wife Anna & I knew she was special.

For those planning an Italian destination wedding remotely from abroad, the comfort of knowing that someone is negotiating on your behalf and in earnest is invaluable. Roberta fought for us on pricing and terms and saved us money. Numerous times.

We had plenty of last-minute emergencies, as with any wedding, including a quick rain shower just before the ceremony! But Roberta also works with the best. From the caterer to photographer and florist, these were all people who care about their craft, had a positive energy, and collaborated as a team to create a perfect wedding with many perfect moments for us.

Roberta is warm, capable, shrewd, and also has a great sense of humor. For any future bride & groom, I guaranty you will leave every monthly or bi-monthly skype catch-up call with her not only comforted, but also with a smile on your face.
MaBelle Bray Married couple on 20 Aug 2022
Roberta and Girogia, truly went above and beyond.  It was like having two more Maid of honors on your side.  Not only are they efficiant and quick to reply, but also they have an amazing personality.  They guide you through the process with ease.  It didn't matter what happened, they where patient and kind.   Wonderful at listening and offering honest advice.  They where always cheerful and helpful and never made you feel like you where asking too much or emailing to much.  Thank you for making this day magical.  I would highly recommend using Boutique Weddings!
Dr. Holly Hoffman Married couple on 25 Feb 2023
Giorgia is an amazing wedding planner. She is thoughtful, good at communicating, and organized. She will make all of your Lake Como wedding dreams come true. Thank you Giorgia.


Giorgia Verdi
Planner Giorgia Verdi About me

We’re not a wedding factory, you’re not a number, and your big day isn’t just a space in our calendar. Your event is personal to us, and we’re committed to giving you our whole heart and undivided attention. Planning a Lake Como wedding from afar can feel daunting, but we’ve fine-tuned our systems, so the planning is as blissful as those first moments as newlyweds. With 20 years of expertise, we know how to mitigate risk and avoid hassles with precision and care.  We plan weddings infused with intentional moments that honor your traditions as a couple so that every element of your celebration feels purposeful and reflects your taste, values, and style. When you choose us, we take it as a faithful invitation to deliver on your dream. Relationships are the soul of our business, and we put a premium on cultivating meaningful connections with our treasured clients and service providers. When it comes to such an intimate occasion, you deserve more than an agency. You want to work with people who treat you like family and are fully invested in seeing the wedding you always imagined come to life. The most loving gift you can give yourself is entrusting us with your vision, so you can bask in the romance of your engagement and drink in the precious moments of your wedding. We’re honored to be a part of your lives.


Frequently Asked Questions

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What percentage of users recommend Boutique Weddings and which are the most valued aspects of their wedding services?

Boutique Weddings is recommended by 100% of couples who have used their services. Their overall rating is 5.0, with the same score awarded for quality of service, flexibility, value, professionalism and average response time.

Vendor Insight

Giorgia Verdi, a celebrated wedding planner based in the picturesque city of Como, has carved out a niche for herself within the bustling world of matrimonial celebrations. Imbued with the recognition of two Wezoree Awards, Giorgia is a testament to the high end of wedding planning, where dreams transform into delightful realities for every couple she assists.

Skillfully orchestrating events at Lake Como, renowned for its ethereal beauty and romantic landscapes, Giorgia's weddings are the epitome of elegance. The reviews left by eight of her clients echo a common sentiment – her impeccable organizational skills and her adeptness in communicating a vision are simply unparalleled. Dr. Holly Hoffman, a satisfied client, hails Giorgia’s commitment to bringing Lake Como wedding dreams to life, encapsulating the essence of the heartfelt testimonials.

The testimonies continue with MaBelle Bray's heartfelt commendation of Giorgia’s responsiveness and amazing personality, likening her to the diligence of a Maid of Honor. Shari Tork emphasizes the personal touch Giorgia brings, valuing her clients as family rather than numbers on a list. The praise extends to her honest negotiation capabilities and saving couples significant sums without sacrificing the splendor of their big day.

Clients such as Glen Denny appreciate Giorgia's meticulous planning, which rendered their experience seamless and stress-free. Alongside her colleague Roberta, the team at Boutique Weddings receives accolades for their selection of top-tier suppliers, ensuring every wedding detail is managed with the highest standards.

Additional plaudits pour in from individuals like Jason Lam, who underscores the peace of mind that comes with an organized and prompt planner, and Yasmeen Forsyth, who shares her delight in the smooth coordination that made her Como wedding unforgettable. Lastly, testimonies from Ella V. and Rabbi Barbara Aiello speak to the comprehensive communication and cooperation that define the exceptional service provided by Giorgia Verdi's Boutique Weddings.

In conclusion, Giorgia Verdi's dedication to crafting bespoke weddings, where tranquility and joy abound, is vividly captured by the voices of clients transformed into advocates. If you’re courting the idea of a sublime Italian wedding, look no further than Giorgia and her Boutique Weddings team – the masterful conductors of idyllic lakeside lovesongs.