Lily Laidlaw
Photographer Lily Laidlaw About me

Meet Lily Laidlaw- Founder & Lead Photographer at Lily Laidlaw Photography    It is through my deep desire to both direct and candidly document profound and polished, yet also playful and endearing moments that has resulted in the founding of of Lily Laidlaw Photography. My motto is “All you need is love”… and a photographer who can help you compose the best possible images to capture the full spectrum emotions that we as human being are capable of feeling. Being a true romantic, documenting profound human connection has always been my driving force. To me, photography is a true living-breathing art form the required consistent nurturing. From sipping a gorgeous Brunello on a palazzo in Italy to adopting numerous rescue animals, studying abroad in Europe, refining my skills as a classical & jazz musician along with adventuring and to incredible destinations around North America, Europe, and South-East Asia & beyond-- I put a high value on soaking up both natural elegance and raw emotion, to hone in on the finest details of my craft. I make it a priority to create every day and use nature and various other art-forms- as well as my daughters- to inspire the way I photograph.