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10 Reviews for Impressions by Mohit

out of 5. Recommended by 100% of couples
Kristina Ram Married couple on 10 Dec 2022
We chose Mohit to capture our prewedding shots and our wedding week. We couldn't have made a better choice. Right off the bat Mohit was professional and personable. My husband and I are not the best in front of the camera but Mohit knew exactly how to make us feel better and pose us infront of the camera with his impeccable direction. He has a super savvy eye and creative vision. We are so happy with our photos and will cherish them for a lifetime, they will stay in the family for a very long time.
Manisha Kalia Married couple on 07 Jan 2023
Mohit is the most dedicated, personable, and simply the best photographer I have ever worked with! He has a magical way of capturing the perfect angles, lighting, and expressions. Mohit went above and beyond to ensure that me and my husband had the best pictures and he followed through with everything he said he would do. He is a professional and very talented at his craft. Highly recommend mohit to anybody looking for a photographer!!! He truly creates magic.
Vivek Prasad Married couple on 25 Feb 2023
Mohit is incredible to work with.  He's very patient and will deliver all that you ask for.  He even went above and beyond when a photo session didn't work out when there was a problem with the venue we chose.  He knows all the angles and will suggest great options.  We were fully satisfied with how our wedding photos turned out.
KarNadendla Married couple on 04 Mar 2023
Mohit not only approved to shoot our wedding just 2 weeks before the date and came all the way from Edmonton to Banff for the destination shoot.
He did a great job capturing all the rituals in our South Indian wedding.

Highly recommend Mohit!
Nimri Married couple on 15 Jul 2023
Where do I even begin… Mohit, thank you so much for making us feel like superstars during our wedding week. To those considering Mohit’s services, you will not be disappointed. One important thing we decided early in the wedding planning was that we should get along well with our wedding vendors, who we would arguably spend more time around than anyone else. Mohit was patient, knowledgeable, professional, and above all, showed great integrity in his work. He was never late, and even owned up to others’ mistakes in order to keep us comfortable as a couple. Mohit built such a strong rapport with everyone and taught us poses that we will continue to use in the future. He respectfully directed us, while keeping in mind everyone’s comfort zones. Mohit is incredibly compassionate, noticing when I felt overwhelmed (as brides do) and giving me the chance to take a breather.
Mohit likes to keep things fresh, trying new photo tricks and incorporating new trends. This makes every set of photos look unique and authentic. We were blown away when he would give us glimpses of the unedited photos on his camera. Everything he does, truly works!
Although we have only had the chance to see some sneak peaks from Instagram, we feel so excited to see the rest of our gallery, knowing that we put our wedding in good hands. Photos matter a lot to us as a couple, because they will be displayed in our home forever. Mohit honours this responsibility and does not take it lightly. If you are someone who hopes to keep memories for years to come, we would highly recommend the Impressions team.
Tiffany Kumar Married couple on 05 Aug 2023
Working with Mohit on our wedding day was an absolute dream. His attention to detail and utmost patience to get the perfect shot is incredible. He made sure every photo was flawless. We're so happy with our experience with Impressions, he truly knows how to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera and also look your best. Would highly recommend as your wedding photographer or any event!
Malika Ladha Married couple on 16 Sep 2023
Having Mohit be our wedding photographer was the easiest and best decision we made. I had followed Mohit’s work for years - it’s timeless and always has a luxurious, editorial feel, and every set of photographs is different from the previous one. His work is unparalleled.

Within the first 2 minutes of our introductory zoom call (we lived in different cities), I knew we had found the person to capture the most special week of our life. He’s vivacious, so committed to his couples, and fun! Mohit was the first dream team vendor we booked - even before signing our venue or wedding planner. We joke that he was the captain of our dream team! In fact, Mohit was the one to introduce us to our incredible wedding planner. That’s just it - Mohit was so helpful, supportive and encouraging throughout the wedding planning journey. He met with us to understand our wedding events, and what was important to us. He also did site visits, and connected with our other vendors ahead of time to ensure seamless flow.

During our wedding week, Mohit was absolute magic. He gracefully directed our pre-event shoots, ensuring everyone had the right pose, and capturing the details, and of course, the love. He stepped in to get the perfect photo - from fixing my duppatta to showing the uncles/aunties how to place their hands. During the events, he captured candid moments and our guests’ emotions. Everyone - and I mean everyone - loved Mohit. We heard so many compliments about how he was professional and patient, able to connect with everyone, and seamlessly be part of the event. He brought positive energy and we felt we had our family with us, during the wedding week.

And the photograph collection? Perfect. We are so grateful and happy with Mohit’s photography. The collection captures everything we wanted to remember about our special week. The quality, the editing, the details - all of it! We truly have a heirloom collection. When we look at our photographs one year later, we are brought to tears of joy and love.
Priya Kaura Married couple on 09 Sep 2023
We had Mohit and his team come down to California to shoot our wedding and we could not have asked for a better photographer! Mohit worked with us to create a timeline that allowed ample time for individual, family, couple, and group pictures both before and after our ceremony. He provided us with scheduling tips to make sure we had time to rest between events. Mohit captured stunning shots, both candid and posed and we were amazed by the quality! He was very patient with our needs and worked with us through the entire process. We highly recommend him for your big day!
Nancy Bhardwaj Married couple on 14 Oct 2023
We had the privilege of hiring ImpressionsbyMohit for our wedding photography this past June where we celebrated the union of Hindu and Ismaili cultures over a week long celebration. We cannot express enough how delighted we were with the services provided by Mohit and his team.

From the moment we met, Mohit displayed a deep understanding and respect for our diverse traditions and cultural backgrounds. His ability to capture the essence of each ceremony and celebration was truly remarkable.

Throughout the six days of celebrations Mohit exhibited professionalism, patience, and an unwavering commitment to delivering the best possible photography. His team seamlessly blended into our festivities allowing for candid and heartfelt moments to be beautifully captured.

Not only were the photographs of exceptional quality, but the attention to detail demonstrated a true artistic talent. We were left in awe when we received our final gallery! The images showcased the vibrancy and significance of each event while also highlighting the love and connection between our friends and families.

Mohit exceeded our expectations in every way and his kindness and graciousness added to the overall positive experience of our wedding. Above all, his work speaks for itself.

We wholeheartedly recommend Mohit to anyone seeking a wedding photographer to capture the essence of multicultural celebrations with grace and professionalism. Thank you for being a part of our special journey and for giving us a lifetime of cherished memories!
Ruby Sarkar Married couple on 28 Oct 2023
I couldn’t be happier with how Mohit and his team approached our wedding week. Mohit was thoughtful and took the time to get to know me in the months leading up to the wedding to understand my style and approach to the whole week. Him and his team were also very respectful of our wishes of wanting prioritize our guests and not having them stand in front of them for photos too much. His team were incredibly polite with all of our guests and made everyone feel seen. The final photos were well worth it and look exactly how my partner, family, and I felt during the week - joyful and beautiful. We are so grateful we can re-live our experience through them.