An Exclusive Conversation with Pejy Kash, the founder of Pejy Kash Events

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UPDATED: 06/27/2024


Pejy Kash, the founder of Pejy Kash Events, embarked on an unexpected journey into the realm of wedding planning, diverging from his initial path toward a career in medicine. His entry into this industry was not by design but rather a fortuitous twist of fate. Reflecting on his journey, Pejy Kash shares, "My journey into wedding planning has been quite an adventure. It's safe to say that this business chose me rather than the other way around. I stumbled into the world of weddings through a fortunate twist of fate. I have been in this business for over 15 years, founded the company nearly 12 years ago, and Dwayne (my husband and business partner) joined us full-time almost two years ago. Together, we're living the dream we've always envisioned."

“As for my own start, my first foray into wedding planning was as a day-of coordinator for a massive Persian wedding with 700 guests! Quite the introduction, but it felt like destiny. Someone saw potential in my abilities that could be applied to event design and planning, and from that point, there was no looking back. I found my true passion, and for that, I'm eternally grateful. This journey has been a beautiful blend of serendipity & hard work, and I feel as if we have not even touched the surface yet,” he adds.

Philosophy and Approach

Photo Pejy Kash
Photo Pejy Kash

The philosophy behind Pejy Kash Events is centered on enhancing the experience for not just the couple but also their guests. Pejy believes in the significance of the overall guest experience at weddings. He states, "The philosophy of Pejy Kash Events is that as much as a wedding is about the bride and groom, it's also about the guest experience. We like planning weddings in which guest experiences are paramount." His unique approach involves crafting weddings that offer a vacation-like experience, ensuring that every aspect of the event is memorable and enjoyable for all attendees.

Pejy Kash also thrives on the challenge of transforming unique and non-traditional venues. He passionately expresses, "At Pejy Kash Events we love the idea of working in unique, and non-traditional venues. The challenge and the joy of reinventing a space is what we live for." This love for reinvention is a cornerstone of his approach, as he finds excitement in giving a new, fresh identity to traditional venues, something they have never been before. This innovative approach to venue transformation allows Pejy and his team to create extraordinary and memorable events that stand out in the industry.

Additionally, Pejy and his team are well-versed in tackling the myriad challenges that come with each wedding. Acknowledging the complexities of wedding planning, Pejy states, "Every wedding comes with its own set of challenges, which is why it’s essential to have the most capable team members. We pride ourselves on having team members who are professional, committed, and able to quickly adapt. We are also fortunate enough to work with vendor partners who love what they do, and bring their best effort to every wedding, thereby extending and enhancing our creative team."

Services and Customization

Photo Pejy Kash
Photo Pejy Kash

Pejy Kash Events offers a broad spectrum of services, ranging from simple design assistance to managing full weekend celebrations. Pejy and his team are adept at handling various aspects of a wedding, including travel and unique experiences.

Pejy explains, "Here at Pejy Kash Events, we offer a wide range of services, from design-only options to full weekend celebrations. Moreover, we have the capability to assist our clients with all of their travel requirements, be it hotel accommodations, transportation, or one-of-a-kind experiences. We understand that each wedding is unique, and we take pride in collaborating with our couples to craft an event that is truly theirs."

Pejy Kash Events prioritizes quality over quantity in their wedding planning endeavors. They aim to orchestrate no more than 10 weddings per year, ensuring that each event receives their full attention and creative energy. Pejy explains, "As a bespoke event design and planning company we aim to take no more than 10 weddings per year." However, they remain open to exceptional opportunities that align with their creative vision, occasionally exceeding this number for projects that ignite their passion. This selective approach allows them to maintain a high standard of service and uniqueness in every wedding they plan.

Client Interaction

Photo Pejy Kash
Photo Pejy Kash

Discussing his approach to working with clients, Pejy reveals, "We always say that our design begins with getting to know our couples. During our initial consultation, we learn as much as we can about them, and their wishlist. We then ask for inspiration, in the form of photos, mood, and ambiance." This client-centered approach guarantees that every wedding is a uniquely tailored and dream-fulfilling experience. He adds, "Being a company that does not believe in copying designs, we then filter their inspiration through our creative lens, and present them with our ideas. From there we work together with our couple to achieve the wedding of their dreams."

Furthermore, Pejy emphasizes the importance of budget management in the planning process. He explains, "After signing with Pejy Kash Events, our first meeting with clients is a budget allocation meeting." Pejy's main advice to couples is to have a realistic conversation about the financial investment for the wedding. He advises, "It’s important to make sure that all venues and vendors that we interview with clients fit within the budget that we have allocated for each component."

By managing expectations and keeping needs and wants in balance, Pejy Kash Events helps couples plan a wedding that is both extraordinary and within their means. Ultimately, Pejy believes that the essence of the wedding day lies in the love between the couple and the presence of their loved ones, making the day truly special regardless of the budget.

Venue Flexibility

Photo Pejy Kash
Photo Pejy Kash

In terms of venue selection, the team does not limit themselves to specific locations. Despite having worked at some venues multiple times, they are always eager to explore new spaces or reinvent traditional venues, adding a unique touch to every event. This flexibility and openness to various venues enable them to create bespoke experiences that are both innovative and reflective of each couple's vision. “We have a bucket list of places and venues at which we’d like to design, and this list is always growing. Currently, at the top of our list is Abadia de San Galgano in Italy,” they add.

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