Kavita Mohan Event Planning: From 7-Eleven to Dream Weddings

  • Publication date: 06/27/2024
  • Updated: 07/10/2024

In the realm of wedding planning, where every detail counts and every moment is precious, Kavita Mohan Event Planning emerges as a maestro of unforgettable experiences. Transitioning from an unconventional start at 7-Eleven Canada to becoming a celebrated name in the wedding planning industry, Kavita's journey is a captivating narrative of passion, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of perfection. This interview delves deeply into her world, portraying each wedding as a distinct masterpiece poised to be revealed.

The Unlikely Path to Passion

Kavita's entry into the world of event planning was anything but ordinary. Reflecting on her early days, she reveals, “I spent 24 years at 7-Eleven, I worked my way up in the company and the last 10 years I was there I was the Assistant to the National Senior Product Director and also managed the Advertising Budget for Communications.… and that’s when I found my passion for planning, organizing, and admin.” Her corporate experience paved the way for her venture into wedding planning, a field where her skills in logistics and creativity could truly flourish. “As I had already been planning meetings and events at 7-Eleven, it was a natural progression for me to start planning events for my friends & family,” she recounts, marking the beginning of her illustrious career in wedding planning.

Finding Joy in Every Detail

For Kavita Event Planning, the essence of wedding planning lies in the joy of creation and the thrill of the big reveal. “I love the creative aspects of planning weddings & social events. I love the design work. Likewise, I love to see the joy on my client's faces at the “Big Reveal”!!! Furthermore, I love the logistics and problem-solving.  I LOVE thinking outside the box to create unique and one-of-a-kind events,” she shares enthusiastically. Her passion for bringing joy to her clients and creating unforgettable moments is what motivates her to push the boundaries of traditional wedding planning.

A Philosophy Rooted in Personalization

At the heart of Kavita Mohan Event Planning is a philosophy that values the uniqueness of each couple and their vision. “Our philosophy emphasizes creativity, inspiration, and the pursuit of joy throughout the planning process,” Kavita explains. This personalized approach ensures that every wedding reflects the couple’s individuality, dreams, and aspirations.

Tailoring Dreams to Suit Every Vision

Understanding that every couple has different needs and visions for their special day, Kavita Mohan Event Planning offers a range of services tailored to meet these unique requirements. “Services – Planning, Co-ordination, Budget Tracking… Yes, we create custom packages to meet the client's specific needs,” she asserts, highlighting her commitment to providing bespoke wedding experiences that cater to every whim and fancy of her clients.

A Memorable Journey in Vancouver

Among the many weddings Kavita has planned, one stands out for its scale, complexity, and the joy it brings. “The most memorable wedding I have ever planned was Navi & Rohan’s destination wedding in Vancouver. They were the kindest couple and so respectful,” she recalls. The wedding, a lavish five-day event with guests from across the globe, showcased Kavita’s exceptional ability to manage intricate logistics, overcome challenges, and deliver a truly spectacular celebration.

“One of the most daunting tasks was the outdoor Hindu Ceremony and dinner held at the stunning Van Dusen Gardens. This three-day setup required meticulous planning and coordination. To overcome the venue's restrictions on vendor access to the grassy areas, we ingeniously devised plywood highways, ensuring seamless delivery and setup of décor, equipment, and amenities. A detailed schedule was carefully crafted to orchestrate vendor access to the venue without any disruptions.”

Navigating the Challenges and Triumphs of Dream Weddings

In the world of grand celebrations and intimate nuptials, Kavita Mohan has established her mark, creating breathtaking weddings at some of the most prestigious venues, notably the Fairmont Hotel Pacific Rim and Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. These iconic locations have played host to numerous weddings under Kavita's skilled coordination, each event a testament to her ability to transform spaces into realms of wonder and joy. Yet, the path to these flawless celebrations is not without its hurdles. Kavita candidly shares the biggest challenge she's encountered: the obstacle of communication. “Clients don’t respond promptly, which puts me behind and the vendors & venues that are waiting on me for a response,” she explains. To mitigate this, she has innovated her process, incorporating calendar invites with explicit deadlines and follow-ups during meetings to ensure seamless progress.

Kavita's advice to couples embarking on their wedding planning journey is simple yet profound: “To be very transparent, to have clear and open communication with their Planner.” This guidance is not just a solution to the challenges she's faced; it's a cornerstone of her philosophy that ensures every wedding is a harmonious blend of the couple's vision and her expertise. In doing so, Kavita Mohan not only overcomes potential obstacles but elevates the wedding planning process into an exquisite dance of collaboration and creativity, resulting in celebrations that are not just events, but cherished lifetime memories.

The Art of Collaboration and Understanding

Kavita’s success is built on deep understanding and collaboration with her clients. “By thoroughly understanding the client's vision & expectations… Knowing their budget is a must!” she emphasizes. Her advice to couples is clear: maintain open communication with your planner to ensure that your wedding day is everything you’ve dreamed of and more.

Reflecting on Dream Venues and Personal Triumphs

When asked about her dream wedding venue, Kavita Mohan Event Planning muses, “If I had to choose, it would be one of the palaces in Jaipur.” Yet, she also shares a personal anecdote of her dream wedding in Bali, inspired by her passion for the exotic locale and her knack for detailed planning.

A Vision for Joyful Celebrations

Kavita Mohan's Event Planning approach to wedding planning is a blend of meticulous organization, creative innovation, and a heartfelt commitment to making each wedding a joyous, unforgettable event. Her journey from the corporate world to the pinnacle of wedding planning is a testament to her talent, dedication, and the transformative power of pursuing one's passion. As she continues to craft bespoke weddings that reflect the essence of each couple, Kavita Mohan Event Planning remains a beacon of inspiration, creativity, and unforgettable celebrations.

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