Elle and James Co.: Crafting Lifelong Memories

  • Publication date: 06/30/2024
  • Updated: 06/30/2024

In the enchanting realm of wedding planning, a few names resonate with the magic of turning dreams into reality, and among them, Elle and James Co. shine brightly. With a keen eye for detail, a heart full of passion, and a soul inspired by love's timeless tales, they have carved a niche in the world of luxury weddings. Today, we dive deep into the ethos, the journey, and the unparalleled creativity that Elle and James Co. bring to each wedding they touch, making every moment unforgettable.

The Genesis of a Dream

The story of Elle and James Co. is a testament to the power of passion transforming into a professional calling. “Our journey began in 2016, shortly after our wedding,” the founders recall, their voices tinged with the excitement of that initial spark. “I found myself consumed with Wedding Planning and Design. As a creative throughout my life, I had finally found something that brought together a passion and creative outlet with a clear path in business that could be scaled and successful.” This realization wasn't just a career change; it was the birth of a dream, a mission to blend their love for design, nostalgia, and creating unforgettable memories into a unique wedding planning experience.

Their first foray into the world of wedding planning was no small affair. A grand celebration at a family ranch with 400 guests served as their debut, setting the tone for their approach to wedding planning. It wasn't just about ensuring the day's success; it was about telling a story, weaving the couple's journey into every element of the event. This holistic approach to planning and design quickly distinguished Elle and James Co. from their peers, transitioning them from coordinating intimate gatherings to orchestrating full-service, bespoke weddings.

Creating Everlasting Moments: The Heart of Wedding Planning with Elle and James Co.

“Creating experiences for our couples and their families I think will always be our North Star,” said the visionaries behind Elle and James Co. “A wedding is a unique life milestone in that you know it will be one of the most important, remembered and celebrated days of your life, but you get to plan it all out ahead of time.” They share their passion for designing a day when every detail is meticulously planned, ensuring it becomes a cherished memory for generations.

For Elle and James Co., wedding planning is not just about logistics and aesthetics; it's about “being the architects of idyllic, everlasting moments that echo through the lives of our couples and their families.” It’s this sentiment-driven approach that sets their weddings apart, creating events that are not just celebrated but deeply felt and remembered.

A Philosophy Carved from Love

The philosophy at the heart of Elle and James Co. is a reflection of the founders themselves—deeply rooted in family, love, and the belief in happily ever afters. “Our philosophy is driven by the idea of new beginnings that last a lifetime. We believe in creating high-end events and experiences that blend elegance, luxury, and nostalgia,” they share, their words painting a picture of the unique blend of sentimentality and chic elegance that defines their style. This philosophy isn't just a guiding principle; it's the essence of Elle and James Co., influencing every decision, from the choice of vendors to the minutiae of event design.

Beyond Planning: A Spectrum of Services

Our favorite weddings to plan are those driven by story and relationships. This is a bit of a broad statement as everyone has a story. But I think we find little things among each of our couples that become our favorite “thing”. Whether it's the endearing couple who met in an unexpected place, the relationship between grandmother and granddaughter, a group of groomsmen who grew up together, or a reception in the backyard of the Bride's childhood home. It is all about the relationships and those tear-jerker stories for us. About design, we love juxtaposition and a residential feel.”

Elle and James Co.'s dedication to creating personalized, unforgettable wedding experiences is evident in the range of services they offer. From full-service planning and design to coordination and floral design, they have developed a comprehensive suite tailored to meet the diverse needs of their clients. “We are always open to creating custom packages depending on the couple's needs,” they emphasize, showcasing their flexibility and commitment to making each wedding as unique as the love story it celebrates. This adaptability is a hallmark of their approach, allowing them to craft bespoke experiences that resonate deeply with their clients.

Memories that Resonate

When asked about their most memorable weddings, the founders of Elle and James Co. recount tales that underscore their passion for storytelling through events. “One wedding that stands out for us is our 'New York in Seattle' wedding,” they reminisce. “The opportunity for planning and design at that wedding was so exciting and really a dream come true, but needless to say for a first-time planning opportunity, I was intimidated and fairly nervous. I knew we could deliver, but there was some pressure there! The couple had SO much trust in our vision and abilities it was the wedding that I feel gave us our start. They had just moved from New York to Seattle and wanted to bring their previous home, to their new home and show their guests an amazing weekend experience in the Northwest.” This wedding, with its sophisticated New York vibe and breathtaking floral installations, epitomizes Elle and James Co.'s ability to capture and translate their client's visions into reality, crafting experiences that linger in the hearts and minds of all who attend.

Another cherished memory is a wedding set against the backdrop of a bride's childhood home, at the base of a mountain with an awe-inspiring view. “The memories there at the home that they were able to incorporate into the wedding day were just unforgettable. The mother of the Bride was an avid Gardner/landscaper and her Dad was great at building things. Together they spent the year adding features to their property for it to run as a venue and it was just amazing to see. I will never forget the Father of the Bride's speech about all the memories in that very yard, and their first dance, a song they used to dance to throughout her childhood,” they recall fondly. This event wasn't just a celebration of two people coming together, but a deeply personal journey back through time, enriched by the land's history and the family's contributions. It's these deeply personal touches that set Elle and James Co. apart, making each wedding a testament to the couple's journey and the love they share.

A Personal Touch for the Perfect Outcome

Understanding their clients on a profound level is paramount for Elle and James Co. This connection begins with heartfelt conversations, where they delve into the couple's story, their personalities, and the journey that brought them together. “We take a very personal, conversational approach and get to know our couples, in the beginning, to start picking up on those detailed elements that we might incorporate into their wedding day. Hearing their story, how they met, what memorable things have shaped their relationship, how they grew up, and what their family dynamics are. We try to discover who they are as people and then bring that to life in wedding form. It also plays into the fashion, design, and decor,” they explain. This meticulous attention to detail ensures that every wedding they plan is not just a reflection of the couple's taste and style but a celebration of their unique story and journey together. It's this dedication to personalization that allows them to create events that are not only visually stunning but emotionally resonant, ensuring that every aspect of the wedding feels familiar and deeply connected to the couple's identity and love story.

“We never want to mix and match weddings that have been done before, we love to ensure our couples have something special to them, and that they feel represents who they are individually and as a couple,” they further emphasize. Elle and James Co. strive to ensure that every wedding is a unique expression of the couple's love, avoiding the replication of trends or past events. This approach not only guarantees a bespoke wedding experience but also ensures that the couple's personality shines through every detail, from the decor to the choice of venue, making their special day truly unforgettable.

Navigating Budgets with Grace

Discussing the often delicate topic of budgets, Elle and James Co. demonstrate an understanding of the complexities involved in planning a dream wedding within financial constraints. “We custom quote for each wedding, or two events are the same and so our pricing reflects each event being unique,” they explain, highlighting their flexible approach to budgeting. This customization ensures that they can work closely with couples to align their vision with their financial realities, creating a transparent and collaborative planning process. 

“Communication is key as well as realistic expectations and an open mind,” they advise, offering wisdom gleaned from years of experience. This philosophy extends to their budget management strategies, where they emphasize the importance of setting realistic goals and maintaining open lines of communication throughout the planning process. By managing expectations and making informed decisions, they help couples navigate the financial aspects of wedding planning, ensuring that their dream day is both beautiful and within reach.

Venue Versatility

Elle and James Co.'s expertise and creativity truly shine when it comes to selecting and designing venues for their weddings. “We work anywhere our clients want to go,” they say, showcasing their versatility and willingness to explore new spaces. This openness leads them to discover inspiration in the most unexpected places, from hidden gardens to grand estates, ensuring that each wedding they plan is set in a location that perfectly complements the couple's vision and story.

Their ability to transform any space into a dream wedding venue is a testament to their design prowess and imaginative approach. Whether returning to a beloved venue or embarking on a new adventure in an unfamiliar setting, they approach each wedding with fresh eyes and boundless creativity, crafting spaces that feel like home yet utterly magical.

Overcoming Challenges with Understanding

Reflecting on the challenges they've faced, Elle and James Co. speak candidly about the difficulties of aligning budget expectations with wedding visions. They've learned the importance of setting clear budget parameters and engaging in open dialogue with clients about what is achievable within their financial boundaries. “It was challenging because we do want to give the world to so many couples we speak with,” they share, underscoring their deep commitment to their client's happiness.

Their response to these challenges is a blend of empathy, professionalism, and strategic planning. By establishing best practices and clear communication from the outset, they navigate these complexities with grace, ensuring that every couple they work with feels supported and understood, regardless of budget size.

Advice for the Journey

For couples embarking on the journey of wedding planning, Elle and James Co. offer sage advice: “Do what makes you happy. The wedding world is always evolving and there is always some unspoken checklist of what you should or shouldn't have planned for your wedding day. Trends come and go but what you want on your wedding day is most important. Don't do something just because it's “in” if you really would love something else or if it's something you just feel you're supposed to do based on social media.” This simple, yet profound guidance encourages couples to stay true to themselves, eschewing trends and expectations in favor of authenticity and personal significance. They believe that the most memorable weddings are those that reflect the couple's individuality, story, and love, creating an experience that is not only beautiful but deeply meaningful.<

The Dream Venue Wishlist

As they look to the future, Elle and James Co. dream of planning weddings in iconic venues across the U.S. and beyond, from the rustic charm of Pippin Hill Farm in Virginia to the serene beauty of Ojai, California. Their adventurous spirit and love for discovery drive them to seek out new and inspiring locations, each offering a canvas on which they can paint another love story.


Elle and James Co. stands as a beacon of creativity, dedication, and heartfelt passion in the wedding planning industry. Their story is a beautiful reminder of the power of love to inspire, transform, and create moments of pure magic. With their unwavering commitment to their clients and their craft, they continue to craft weddings that are not only visually stunning but deeply personal and emotionally resonant, ensuring that each celebration is a true reflection of the love it honors. For those seeking a partner to help bring their wedding dreams to life, Elle and James Co. promises a journey filled with creativity, collaboration, and unforgettable moments.

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