Crafting Unique Weddings with Valley & Company Events

  • Publication date: 06/29/2024
  • Updated: 06/29/2024

In the vast and vibrant world of weddings and events, Valley & Company Events has been a beacon of creativity, uniqueness, and personalized experiences for over two decades. Founded by Nick and Aleah Valley, the company has grown from its humble beginnings into a celebrated name in the wedding planning industry. Today, we delve into their journey, philosophy, and the magic behind crafting unforgettable celebrations.

The Beginnings: A Story of Passion and Creativity

“Valley & Company Events is celebrating 21 years of weddings and parties this year! We started this incredible company right out of university,” Aleah shares with pride and nostalgia. The duo's journey into the world of wedding planning was not planned; it evolved from their knack for throwing engaging parties during their college days. This unexpected path led them to discover their passion for creating memorable events for others, marking the birth of Valley & Company Events.

Their first venture into wedding planning was nothing short of extraordinary—a Halloween-themed wedding where guests reveled in costume. “The first wedding we planned was on Halloween — all guests came in costume and had a ball! We've both shared a passion for entertaining, people, food, drink, entertainment, and experiences. Being able to turn this into our careers has been unbelievable!”. This unique beginning set the tone for what Valley & Company Events would become known for creating bespoke and memorable celebrations.

A Philosophy Rooted in Personalization and Joy

For Nick and Aleah, wedding planning is about much more than logistics and schedules; it's about creating moments that resonate deeply with the couples and their guests. “Creating moments that are etched in time, that tell the stories of our clients and their families, and become a hallmark of their lives is a reward that fuels our team. Weddings and celebrations mark happy moments, beautiful moments, and storied moments, and having a heavy hand in creating these incredible memories for our clients is so exciting!” Aleah explains. Their approach to planning is driven by the belief that every wedding should be a reflection of the couple's personality, style, and story.

“We believe that no two events should look the same — that weddings should reflect our couples and their styles, their heritages, their family memories, or whatever they envision. It's our job to tap into their wishes, likes, and tastes, and help to create an elevated tapestry that reflects that, feels just like them, and hits every mark of hospitality that we can,” Nick adds. He emphasizes their commitment to crafting events that are as unique as the couples themselves. This philosophy guides their work, ensuring that each celebration is not only a reflection of the couple's vision but also an experience that guests will cherish for years to come.

Crafting the Perfect Celebration: Services and Approach

Valley & Company Events offers a comprehensive range of services to ensure that every aspect of the wedding day is meticulously planned and executed. From logistics planning to experiential guest management and bespoke design and floral services, their team is equipped to bring any vision to life. “We offer comprehensive logistics planning, experiential guest management, hospitality oversight, and complete design and floral services under Valley & Co.,” Aleah outlines the scope of their services.

But what truly sets Valley & Company Events apart is their collaborative approach to wedding planning. “We have so much fun getting to know our clients — planning should be a collaborative effort,” says Aleah. By deeply understanding their clients' inspirations, preferences, and priorities, Nick Aleah and their team can craft events that exceed expectations and create lasting memories.

Memorable Celebrations and Future Dreams

When asked about the most memorable weddings they've planned, Nick and Aleah need help to choose. “Truly every event of ours excites us and challenges us, but a recent favorite involved a surprise mezcal tasting, a Mariachi band, the most decadent menu, and a lively group of guests! Other favorites: a playful wedding on Maui, a weekend-long poolside wedding in Palm Springs, and a tiny island wedding where we had to charter seaplanes and foot ferries for guests (and a plan for the wine collection). We love challenges!” they say, highlighting their passion for their work. From surprise mezcal tastings and lively mariachi bands to intimate island weddings requiring seaplane charters, their portfolio is a testament to their versatility and creativity.

Looking to the future, Nick and Aleah dream of planning weddings in even more unique and breathtaking venues. “We would love to work at a castle in Ireland or in the Florida Keys,” they share, reflecting their never-ending quest for new challenges and experiences.

Versatility and Vision: The Cornerstones of Success

One of the hallmarks of Valley & Company Events is their remarkable versatility in working across a spectrum of venues and locations. “From Palm Springs to Hawaii, international locales, or in our backyard in Seattle, we work all over the map,” Nick and Aleah share, highlighting their adaptability and eagerness to tackle diverse settings. Currently, they are buzzing with excitement over a large-scale event in Hudson Valley, New York, and several private estate weddings, showcasing their ability to bring dreams to life regardless of geography.

Budget management is another area where Valley & Company Events excels, helping couples navigate the financial aspects of wedding planning with ease and confidence. “We help our couples prioritize their ideal vision in the early stages,” explains Aleah. Just like building a home, planning a wedding requires a solid foundation and part of their expertise lies in guiding couples to make informed decisions that align with their visions and financial realities.

Nick and Aleah’s final piece of advice for couples embarking on the wedding planning journey is to “Enjoy and embrace! This should be a fun-filled process.” They emphasize the importance of trusting in the creativity and expertise of wedding professionals. From logistics to culinary delights and design intricacies, the journey to the altar should be one of joy and partnership. “Wedding creatives are well-versed in everything from hospitality and guest experience to entertainment and management — use our knowledge!” they encourage.

Through their comprehensive understanding of venue versatility, budget management, and the value of a collaborative planning process. Valley & Company Events continues to be a cherished partner for couples looking to create a wedding day that reflects their unique story and love.

A Legacy of Love and Celebration

As Valley & Company Events looks forward to more years of creating joyous celebrations, Nick and Aleah's passion for their craft remains the cornerstone of their success. Through their dedication to personalization, creativity, and unforgettable experiences, they continue to leave an indelible mark on the wedding industry and the lives of the couples they work with.

Valley & Company Events, through the eyes of Nick and Aleah Valley, is not just about planning weddings; it's about crafting stories, celebrating love, and creating moments that will be cherished for a lifetime.

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